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    This was my first visit of the season. It was a very fun trip, and everything went smoothly, although I had very little sleep the night before, so you can imagine how I felt later in the day after the excitement and adrenaline had worn off!

    The forecast was rain all day, but there was very little rain, apart from a slight drizzle in the afternoon. The queues were quite small considering it was the school holidays, with queues ranging from about 5-40 minutes on the rides I went on.

    The day started off with my usual routine, RMT first, then Air and Nemesis. Air was as smooth as ever, and Nemesis was just brilliant as always. I went on Oblivion later in the day, and then Rita, followed by Th13teen. I finished off the day like I started, with Air and Nemesis. During the day, I went on Duel for the second time ever, and was able to appreciate the effects and theming for the first time.

    I won't bore you all with too much detail, but one funny (and embarrassing!) moment of the day was when I walked into Forbidden Valley for the first time that day. At the sight of Nemesis's helix, I yelled, more loudly than I was intending: "LOOK, IT'S THE HELIX OF DEATH!" (note that I was very excited and hyper at this moment) and everyone within about 20 meters turned around and stared at me :-[

    Overall, it was a brilliant day, not perfect, and not necessarily the best trip to AT I have ever had, but amazing all the same.


    RMT : 2
    Air : 2
    Nemesis : 2
    River Rapids : 1
    Oblivion : 1
    Rita : 1
    Th13teen : 1
    Sharkbait Reef : 1
    Skyride : 1

    Note : I am not a trained enthusiast, and no, I did NOT queue an hour for The Smiler, and no, I did NOT go on Nemmy 20 times, no matter how amazing it is. If I did that, I think my brains would explode. Don't kill me.


    Posted 29th May 2014

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