Trip Report 7 August 2012 (My daughters first trip to AT)

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    Nemesis, Air
    Trip Report 7 August 2012 my daughters first trip

    I had contacted Guest Services to ask about minibus parking to be told that parking would be in the coach park.

    On arrival it was raining, and a member of staff told me as I tried to pull into the coach park that Guest services was wrong and they never park minibuses in the coach park. Oh well, onto the car park.

    With the monorail suffering technical problems, the park was running shuttle buses. And a lovely ride from parking to the entrance on a robin hood coach.

    Only one person in front of us getting tickets via 2 for 1 deal, so quickly though the gates. And on to the park.

    As it was raining and we were wet anyway. The flume (Queue time 58 sec)and rapids (Queue time 2 mins)were the first order of the day. And was as always a laugh.

    As we headed up to Nemesis: Sub-Terra. I spotted something of interest, a monorail train stopped on the track, as we got to the little shop on the path. I could see work going on around the monorail maintenance\ garage, which would tie in with it not operating today.

    Steph did not like the sound of Nemesis: Sub-Terra. (Queue time 38 mins) So she gave it a miss, and to be honest, if it was not for the ride ops. I would have been envious of her. Without them, the ride is dull.

    Then it was Steph first real coaster, Nemesis (Queue time 10mins). And the old girl did not disappoint me. Steph did have the rabbit in headlights look during the ride. But was smiling on the brake run, and replied to the question “did you enjoy that?” with “tummy feels funny now” (she's got learning difficulties)

    Ripsaw (Queue time 1-2 mins) I don't rate this ride so I watched as Steph went on with her sister and my mate, Alec. She Loved it, the ride op jokingly said “ Coats and hoods wont save you” and played simon says with a couple of people that would not put their arms down to allow harnesses to operate. The op gave a very wet ride. Much to Steph delight.

    Air (Queue time 13mins) My favourite ride. After explaining the ride harnesses and position to Steph, we boarded and she shouted and screamed in delight, for the whole ride. And came off saying “Oh my god, brill”

    Thirteen (Queue time 30mins) Steph jumped when the Tesla coil fired off. She enjoyed the ride, almost hugged my arm to death on the drop and run back. Nice ride, feel like they tweaked the trim brakes on it. For the better in my option.

    Hex (Queue time 0mins) The affect were all working. Steph did not like it, the affects and the chamber work too well on her.

    Oblivion (Queue time 10mins) This is a ride that scare the bleep out of me, as I have a fear of falling. It was very loud, clanky and vibrated a lot more then the last time I was on it. Steph came off and said “that was fun!” with the body stance of “what was a weird experience I don't know what to make of” and Alec could not believe he said yes to going on it again this year.

    I need to take a break and take some medication, So Steph and my mates son. Have another go on the Flume (Queue time 40mins)

    Battle Galleons (Queue time 0mins) Steph and Alec's son jumped onto a boat. As me and Alec used the on land cannons, to get them. I was called a cheat for putting my waterproof jacket on. In my defence, I was going to be driving for two hours soon.
    Time was getting on and there was time for one more coaster before Queue line closed at 6pm

    Steph and Alec's son wanted to go on The Blade (Queue time 0mins) and they did, twice before the queue closed time.

    As for me and Alec, another trip on Air (Queue time 10mins) was the last of the day. As you can tell I enjoy ride on air.

    After Finishing on Air, we meet with the kids next to blade, and headed for the skyride, only to find that closed it to guest at 6pm too. So a long walk back to towers street, to meet up with the rest of the group.

    On the way back we could see that one of the monorail trains had been moved, to where we don't know. Best guess into the garaging area.

    Once the group was back together it was time to get the shuttle bus back to the car park. It was good to see the shuttles where making full use of private road status of the park, by having the aisle full of guests.

    Not much of a wait to exit the park. As I was directed to a clear barrier. The staff members where sending all minibuses to this barrier as the ticket reader was not working.

    They check the ticket and told me to keep it so I can get claim it back, they must of thought I was their with work. Nice to see they think of such things.

    Happiness: 9/10 - Almost faultless, was a mix up with parking information for minibuses.
    Reliability: 10/10 – I won't count monorail, and the park had a good shuttle service running
    Queuing: 9/10 - amazingly quiet all day
    Staff: 10/10 - always friendly, and informative

    Ride of the day: Air
    Worst ride: Nemesis Sub Terra.

    Ride of the day: Air
    Worst ride: Hex. could not understand it, totally confused her.
    Posted 9th Aug 2012
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    Its good that you all had a nice day after reading your thread the other day about what ride she could go on, in the end it seems she went on them all!
    Posted 11th Aug 2012
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    Nemesis, Air
    She loved it. and wants to go back. Thank goodness, she got my coaster gene :D

    We been to my mums. She was talking about her trip and was able to decipher her thoughts on it, as I said she has learning difficulties.

    Some of the better explained thoughts.

    Nemesis - speedy ride, with fun twists. spins her stomach around.

    Air - felt like a bird flying [though the sky]. ( almost spot on with how John Wardley explained his vision)

    Hex - what was that about, did not have a clue. "mad red [eye] thing on roof or floor or something".

    Oblivion - the wind in your face as you fall is great or "sky, ground, hole, black, wind, face, fun, very fun."
    Posted 12th Aug 2012

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