Trip Report Alton Towers 23 May 2014

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    Trip report 23 may 2014

    The day before Cbeebiesland was due to open, myself and my daughter (LittleDelta). Arrived to a overcast Park. Mr Shawn “Themepark WW” Sandbrook was working the turnstile we went though.

    We dropped in on Customer Services to get Little Delta's disable access pass. So Queue times wont feature much in the trip report. So off to Air and Nemesis.

    Air started the day with one station operation, she was running great and gave an nice warm up to the day, the only disappointment was the tunnel not being fully lit with blue filtered lights, and the harsh “Your day” white lights were still on.

    As Nemesis was walk on, I decided to walk Little Delta though the Queue line. To show her the theming of the ride. After a commenting about the waterfall should be red, Little Delta start going on about Ribena and drinking the waterfall. We got to station.
    Nemesis gave a wonderful ride, although she get a bit more punchy later in the day. Which she did.

    The one thing that got me about Nemesis was, she is showing her age in the theming. Alton Towers will have their work cut out to get her theming up to spec for her 21th Birthday.

    Quick ride on sky ride over Dark Forest

    Rita was the first stop, and is still confused over her own theming. She can not work out if she is a speedway escape from the forest or a ride in bob the builder land. Rita was as powerful as usual.

    Thirteen was running as normal, as the fun little ride in the trees it is.

    Then it was on to hex, a ride that Little Delta calls scary. She was relieved when it stopped working. The one thing that got me was how impossible it was to hear the operators message’s over the tanoy system. As they were drowned out by the audio from the TVs. After commenting on this to the staff member giving the suggestion of muting the tvs audio during ops annountment, I got a unsatisfying reply of “ it does not matter if you don't hear them”

    A quick stop to refill the Quencher at the archway tuck shop. Then on to the smiler before lunch and the pirate show.

    Running all 5 trains, she was running smoother than my last ride on her.

    We arrived just before the start of the pirate show. Little Delta was excited to watch it. And it all started well, even if I got a weird look of her for joining in with the 'arrrh' from the back request from Sir England. Within 7 mins of the start, the thing that actors dread happened. A technical failure, that wrote off that performance. However, the cast handled this so well. Little Delta did not care that she did not see the show. The unscripted interaction of the cast with the guest for about the length of time they had on stage was wonderful and so funny.

    Little Delta drags me off to Oblivion, a ride that I don't really enjoy. The dive coaster, look great in it repaint splendour. And judging from Little Deltas face and behaviour, I think it scare the **** out of her as much as it does me.

    After re-rides in Forbidden Valley, Little Delta bugged talked me into going on the flume. However I had one condition, I wore the waterproof I had in my bag.
    The ride was a fun run around the woods. As we went around I could see where is could do with a major overhaul. And thought a re theme to match Mutiny Bay would not be a bad thing. Then there was only one thing left to do, A stupid face for the ride photo.

    After we went back to Forbidden Valley, 5pm arrived, we made it onto the skyride for a trip back to towers street. Where we went for a quick nose over the fence at Cbeebiesland.

    Cbeebiesland looks very much like the TV Channel is based on. The unexpected bonus was Nina, Mr bloom and Justin being in the area.
    Justin saw the crowd by the fence and came over to say hello and have some photos with the crowd. And Little Delta ending up meeting Mr Tumble. From the way she was Makatoning to him, she was excited.


    Oh and I did get to have a quick chat with Mr Shawn “Themepark WW” Sandbrook on the way out too.

    Ride count

    Nemesis 4
    Air 3
    Flume 1
    Smiler 1
    Oblivion 1
    Rita 1
    Thirteen 1
    Posted 25th May 2014

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