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    Trip report
    September 28th 2019

    We arrived a little late about an hour later than usual, the traffic on the roads surrounding the park was quite notably heavy. It started to rain heavily whilst sat in the car and we dreaded the days wet weather.
    We were put in the car park near the coach park not the usual car park I didn’t realise that was actually used . We walked to the plaza instead of monorail because that would mean walking away from the entrance to go back to it and it was actually really busy for it being into an hour being open.

    We headed straight to oblivion I felt in the mood for it after seeing it from the road and I enjoyed it last time. The mist was really heavy today in the tunnel.

    I haven’t done The Smiler yet so I planned to anxiously do it but the queue was 80 mins and I’d rather get a few rides done rather than committing to such a long queue. So we headed straight to The Dark Forest and planned to do Th13teen and Rita respectively to build up to Rita. Th13teen was 55 mins and Rita was 45 mins so we opted to go ahead with the plan. The queue seemed to move really fast until I realised a queue extension had been opened but still it seemed to flow quickly we had our Tesco meal deal in the queue it’s so much better than paying Alton rip off prices. Th13teen wasn’t running as fast as last time I thought but the bunny hops did provide some force I do like Th13teen and I think it is unfairly bashed.

    Then we did Rita and the queue ended up being about an hour. I always forget how fast and intense it is I really enjoyed it.

    Then we went to X-Sector to do oblivion again before the smiler because the queue is usually short but it was 25 mins from 10 mins when we started walking so we decided to do The Smiler which was 60 mins so we went in I was feeling so anxious in the queue but I knew I could do it, the ages of some of the people going on reassured me and I’d done all the other and everyone I’ve spoken to said it’s not bad. I feel embarrassed to be honest as an so called enthusiast to have not done it and to be scared. The queue seemed to have gone fast because of my anxiety I also saw an old teacher of mine in the queue and it was rather awkward. I got on and I enjoyed it so much it’s probably my favourite ride I also liked how long it was I don’t think it deserves the bashing it gets I really enjoyed it it wasn’t particularly smooth but it wasn’t rough. I felt very dizzy after though.

    I wanted to go on the smiler again with single rider but we decided to do something else before we did Oblivion again which only had a small queue 10 mins but it felt shorter, I tried putting my feet on the lap-bar for the first time and it did feel different. We then went back to the smiler and asked the lady who worked manning the entrance and asked how long SR is and she said last time she was notified it was an hour but we went through the the queue and got in the building went up the stairs and ended up being the only people there and the ride host let us on together on the back row for some bizarre reason basically got fast track but didn’t have to pay amazing! Maybe she thought the fact we were willing to ride on our own and the two seats were genuinely left overs. Anyway I enjoyed it so much! I did notice on the second ride that rough jolt on the last loop I thought I felt it on the second to last I thought that was it but then felt another on the very last. I didn’t feel it the first time (second row).

    We didn’t have long after I thought it was open till 6PM but it turned out to be 5PM after checking the website calendar. So we headed to the skyride but there was a queue that wasn’t really moving so we just walked the trek I didn’t realise how long and tiring that walk is. We just about made it for Nemesis and got a ride on that unfortunately we didn’t get a ride on Galatica but I’d say smiler x2, Oblivion 2x, Nemesis, Rita and Th13teen is good for a day where an hour was cut off.

    As we left the queues for the car park were really long and as everyone found out they could pay at the entrance ticket office there was a rush fortunately we made it. We couldn’t get the monorail because we had parked about two thirds of the walk from the monorail stations. The annoying thing was because of where we were parked we exited at the disabled and express parking exit and that meant no one checked our tickets but I mean at least we were honest I suppose.
    Edit: even now I still feel vertigo as if I’m on the smiler

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