TS International Road Trip 2016


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TS International Road Trip 2016

OFFICIAL MEET: Tuesday, 23rd – Tuesday, 30th August 2016
Includes: Walibi Holland, Phantasialand, Efteling, Walibi Belgium & Plopsaland

OFFICIAL MEET WITH HAMBURG ADD-ON: Saturday, 20th – Tuesday, 30th August 2016
Includes all the above plus: Heide-Park, Hamburg Fair & Hansa-Park

To aid planning, please RSVP to this meet as soon as you are confirmed by clicking:


For approximate costs: see bottom of post

Here it is – the return of the International Meet! We’re looking forward to taking a fleet of cars around some of the leading theme parks of the Netherlands, Belgium and northern Germany! We’ll be visiting theme parks that many haven’t been to before, taking in rides and rollercoasters from a wide range of manufacturers – and sampling some of the latest rides Europe has to offer! For the most cost effective trip, you’ll need to get yourself sorted into a car with 4 people – however, any number of people can travel in your car. If you are new to TS meets, then we’d recommend coming to one of the UK official meets first, and making friends at home before deciding to join us abroad. The first and last days of the meet will be designated travelling days, with the longest journeys. It’s also recommended that each car has more than 1 driver, in order to share the load. That of course, is up to you though!

Hotels have generally been chosen for their convenience, although where there has been a longer drive, effort has been made to increase the quality of the hotel.

As at 24.1.16, the itinerary is as follows (subject to change):

BB = Bed & Breakfast
RO = Room only

HAMBURG ADD-ON (20-24th August 2016)
This precursor to the official meet will take in theme parks in the Hamburg area. It should be noted that the add-on starts 3 days before the official meet (although is mainly over a weekend) - and includes a fair bit of additional driving due to the location of Hamburg. It will join the official meet at Walibi Holland on 24th August.

Saturday, 20th August 2016
On this day, your car will travel the majority of the way to Heide-Park, located in northern Germany. Crossing at around lunch time from Folkestone to Coquelles via the channel tunnel, you can drive most of the way to the resort, staying at the Mercure Hotel Hannover Oldenburger, aiming to arrive there at around 8.30pm for a relax in the hotel bar and a good night’s sleep ready for the fun to begin the following day!

Drive (from Coquelles, France) 5 hours 50 minutes / 400 miles to Hannover
Accommodation: Mercure Hannover Oldenburger €49.00pp BB (2 per room)

Sunday, 21st August 2016
Leaving the hotel in Hannover, it’s just a couple of hour's drive to Hansa-Park! Home to one of the craziest coaster contraptions ever – Karnan! In addition, the park boasts other rides including a heavily themed launch coaster, classic Schwarzkopf looping coaster and much more. it’s a short drive to the Ibis Hotel in Hamburg – our base for the next two nights.

Leave hotel: 7:45am
Drive 2 hours / 144 miles to Hansa-Park
HANSA-PARK (10:00 – 18:00)
Drive 50 min / 53 miles to Hamburg
Accommodation: Ibis Hotel Hamburg Alsterring €39.15pp RO (2 per room)

Monday, 22nd August 2016
Today will be a leisurely start to the morning, taking in the city of Hamburg and some of its attractions – including famed burger joint ‘The Bird’, the amazing ‘Miniature Wonderland’ and the fantastic Hamburg Dom (traditional German funfair). After a day in the city, it’s back to our base at the Ibis, which is conveniently located on the city’s underground network.

THE BIRD (restaurant)
Accommodation: Ibis Hamburg Alsterring €39.15pp RO (2 per room)

Tuesday, 23rd August 2016
Leaving our hotel for a short drive to Heide-Park! This major Merlin theme park boasts several major rides – including Intamin wooden coaster Colossos and two B&M coasters amongst much more – including one of Europe’s tallest drop towers! Following a day in the park, which will be complete with Fastrack. After a day in the park, it’s a fairly heavy drive down to Osnabruck – but the hotel choice, an Ibis Styles, should ensure a good night’s sleep after a long day!

Leave hotel: 8:30am
Drive 50 minutes / 46 miles
HEIDE-PARK (10:00 – 18:00)
Drive 2 hours / 143 miles to Osnabruck
Accommodation: Ibis Styles Osnabruck €37.80pp BB (2 per room)

Wednesday, 24th August 2016
Today, we leave the hotel and head to the Netherlands for a day at Walibi Holland – where we meet up with the other TS cars who weren’t taking part in the Hamburg add-on! Home to Goliath, the Intamin mega coaster and the new Mack coaster – Lost Gravity! Afterwards, it’s a drive down to Phantasialand – where the fantastic resort hotels await, and a drink in the Dragon Bar!

Leave hotel: 8.00am
Drive 1 hour 50 / 118 miles
WALIBI HOLLAND (10:00 – 18:00)
Now see official meet below from after WALIBI HOLLAND on Wednesday, 24th August 2016


Tuesday, 23rd August 2016
Today is the day of travelling! Taking the ferry or channel tunnel from Folkestone to Coquelles in early afternoon, you’ll drive to the Novotel in Breda (the Netherlands) - a good hotel ready for a restful night before the theme park adventures begin the following morning!

Drive (from Calais, France): 2 hours 30 / 161 miles
Accommodation: Novotel, Breda €47.90pp BB (2 per room)

Wednesday, 24th August 2016
Today, we leave the hotel and head to the Netherlands for a day at Walibi Holland! Home to Goliath, the Intamin mega coaster and the new Mack coaster – Lost Gravity! Afterwards, it’s a drive down to Phantasialand – where the fantastic resort hotels await, and a drink in the Dragon Bar!

Leave hotel: 8:15am
Drive 1 hour 30 / 85 miles
WALIBI HOLLAND (10:00 – 18:00)
Drive 2 hours 30 min / 160 miles
Accommodation: Phantasialand Resort €77.00 BB (2 per room) book via booking.com ASAP

Thursday, 25th August 2016
Today, we’re at Phantasialand – one of the best themed parks in Europe and with new attractions including Taron – the Intamin multi launch coaster! As we’re on resort, there’s no driving required at all – and hotel packages include tickets and quick pass!

PHANTASIALAND (9:30 – 20:00)
Accommodation: Phantasialand Resort €77.00pp BB (2 per room) book via booking.com ASAP

Friday, 26th August 2016
Another day at Phantasialand until the park closes, before a drive back into the Netherlands and a stay at the rather nice NH Waalwijk, just north of Tilburg.

Walk to park
PHANTASIALAND (9:30 – 20:00)
Drive 1 hour 55 min / 121 miles
Accommodation: NH Waalwijk €41.95pp BB (4 per room)

Saturday, 27th August 2016
Today is all about fantasy and magic at Efteling! The park will be open until midnight, with rides and attractions including Baron 1898, George and the Dragon and many more open in the dark. There’s no driving on this day.

EFTELING (10:00 – 00:00)
Accommodation: NH Waalwijk €41.95pp BB (4 per room)

Sunday, 28th August 2016
We head into Belgium today for a visit to their Walibi park! The park has a new attraction from Mack this year, plus a re-invented Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop and much more! After a day in the park, it’s a short drive to our Ibis hotel in Aalst.

Leave hotel: 9:00am
Drive 1 hour 30 min / 94 miles
WALIBI BELGIUM (10:00 – 18:00)
Drive 40 min / 38 miles
Accommodation: Ibis Aalst Centrum €33.60pp RO (2 per room)

Monday, 29th August (UK Bank Holiday Monday)
It’s our final theme park day today – at Plopsaland! Home to a new GCI wooden coaster for 2016, along with launched coaster Anubis and lots more. After a day in the park, a short drive takes us to our final hotel located near the Channel Tunnel terminal at Coquelles.

Leave hotel: 9:00am
Drive 1 hour 10 min / 72 miles
PLOPSALAND (10:00 – 19:00)
Drive 45 min / 40 miles
Accommodation: Ibis Coquelles Channel Tunnel €33.10pp RO (2 per room)

Tuesday 30th August 2016
Today it’s a short drive to the terminal before the drive home!

Leave hotel: 9:00am
Drive 5 min / 2 miles

Prices are a rough guide only and based on hotel prices as at January 2016 and based on exchange of €1.30 = £1.00. Prices shown include park entry, channel tunnel crossing (approximate) a rough figure for petrol per person and accommodation.

Per Person: £439.00 + insurance costs and spending money
Europa-Park Annual Pass Holders: £366.00 due to free entry to Efteling, 1 day at Phantasialand and discount to Plopsaland

Hamburg Add-On: £225.00 + insurance costs and spending money
UK Premium Merlin Annual Pass Holders: £210.00 due to 1/2 price entry to Heide-Park
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Won't know if I can get time off work until mid/late March, but if I can, I'm in, for the main meet and Hamburg.


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Steel Vengeance
Me, Joelio, Ant & Mattmash will be attending most of this trip. We will be doing our own thing from Day 2 of Phantasialand


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Almost certainly unable to do the full trip this time due to money and available holiday - but hoping to join you for the PL leg, especially as I've never been :D

I'd encourage anyone who hasn't yet been on an international meet to consider it - they're great fun (though it's beneficial to attend at least a couple of UK meets first so you get to know people) - having done the previous main European meet in its entirety!


TS Team
I'll certainly be up for all of this! Always love a good international meet! Just need to confirm time off from work.


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bandit (movie park)
Right then who wants me in there car I mainly sleep and sometimes I'm funny ✌️


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Keen to work out a way in which I can join for Phantasialand for either 1 or 2 days and work it in with my own bit of Köln exploring. Subject to money and how comfortable I feel too as I'd be 95% newb.


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I won't be on the full trip but currently I'm planning to join everyone at Efteling only (think of me as the Guest Geek ;) ) and perhaps extend my stay there by an extra day or two.


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Steel Vengeance, Cedar Point
I have booked rooms at Phantasialand for Hotel Matamba.

There is a great offer on at booking.com - with rooms for 2 people just €77 (£59) per person per night... BARGAIN! Usually we have to squeeze 4 in to make these things value, but in this case it isn't necessary.

Using booking.com is cheaper than booking via the Phantasialand website.

I recommend anybody coming on the trip to do this - it's free cancellation and pay on arrival.