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This is looking pretty epic it has to be said. I don't think anyone was expecting a single track, 8 train coaster from this thing.

Clever use of the Pulsar-style turntable there, bringing trains onto the swing launch or to and from the maintenance area. as a feature of the ride and the switch track for the maintenance bay. That design should allow for a very fast turnaround on the swing launch, presumably as soon as a train clears the high point it'll be able to rotate another train into position. Certainly looks like a lot of thought has gone into ensuring that the ride can get the high capacity EP are famous for. Hopefully they get the station area right - Arthur-style baggage storage will be needed on this thing to ensure loading times as low as possible.


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There is so much going on in this ride, and the size of it as well. I am excited to follow it being built.

Crazy to think this will be opening next year.


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Most of Europa Park’s coaster are prototypes, and a lot of them do include unusual technology. For example, the vertical lifthill on Matterhorn, or the simulator on Snorri Touren. It does seem likely that this will include some unusual technology. A vertical launch and a midcourse turntable would fit that bill.

In terms of throughput, clearly the bigger the vehicles the easier it is to get a high throughput. But Universal show that you can get high throughputs with relatively small vehicles. Motorbike Adventure has 14 seat trains, while The Mummy and Gringotts have 16 seat vehicles. Europa Park gets a high throughput from Matterhorn Blitz considering that each car only has 4 seats.

I suppose the downside of a midcourse turntable is that it could interrupt the flow of the ride, although I’m sure Europa Park will use theming and effects to mitigate against that. The good thing is that if the train’s catching up with the train in front, you’ve got the chance to simply hold off on the next launch, rather than having to actually stop a train where it’s not supposed to stop. For example, if a heavy train were following a light train, the heavy train will slowly encroach on the lighter train. If the trains are supposed to stop mid ride, then it’s easy to hold the heavier train back to let the lighter train get ahead a bit.


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The first episode of the Construction Documentary is now online!

Very amusing, great work from Patrick and Lukas. A few of interesting points:
  • As suspected, they all but confirm that the balloon ride will be returning at some point
  • The initial idea was for a new coaster in England, but this did not work out. Ideas from this coaster have been retained and built upon
  • There is a 10-15 year plan to develop the land they have available in this area of the park
Pretty tight lipped on any details of the coaster, but that is not surprising at this stage.
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