What is/was Nicklins Farm?

Can't seem to find much information about this so I thought I'd ask here.

What is/was Nicklins Farm?

I've searched the internet for a while but there seems to be little information on what it was/is (is it still there?) All I could find was that it was on the site of the Treetops Rope Course and used to be lived in before it was bought.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)


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One of a few (4?) old farms on the Alton estate.
Source...Staffs Moorlands google search.
The fine Mr Zola's old site gets quoted!


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Have you dug out the planning docs from Staffs Moorland council website for Treetops? It will have been in early 2015 I think, the documents in there could contain some historical info.


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All I could find was this environmental assessment that you've probably already read which states that it was one of the four farms that occupied the old deer park. Since the deer park wall is the ATH side of this site, this farm's pastures were possibly where the field car parks are now? It would certainly make sense, both car parks N&M look like farmland fields.//cloud.tapatalk.com/s/6175229c96f8e/Nicklins.pdf


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Before Tree Top was built I had a nosey around the site to see where it was going and had a look at the old house, it was in a bad state back then, fairly over grown and certainly in no fit state to go inside or anything. I imagine it’s a lot worse now as this was a few years back, and as far as I’m aware towers haven’t some ant ring with the building site, it’s quite hidden really and overgrown for you to spot when you drive past.