Who is good with graphics? A book cover is needed

Discussion in 'Corner Coffee' started by Jem8472, 27th Oct 2013.

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    (Mods feel free to move this if it is not in the right place)

    Hello rather talented people ;)

    I don't know if any of you will have heard from chats on skype between myself and Diogo but my grandad wrote his memoirs of his experiences at the outbreak of WW2.

    We have had the book in paper form but over the last few years I have been sorting it out. Getting it scanned onto computer and recently I got it edited and proof read. Now it looks more like a book and I am thinking about publishing it in some form. Its currently in a pdf which is good to read on a phone or tablet, but I have not tried it on many of them yet.

    I would like a title page for the book but I don't really have the talent to come up with something.

    I was wondering if anyone would be interested in trying to come up with something.

    It may well have to look good as a thumbnail as there is a good chance it will be published as an e-book so it would have to be good at grabbing attention in a whole row of books.

    The book is a memoir of the start of WW2, his part in guerilla warfare against the Russians and his arrest by the Russians and escape from a train bound for a labour camp and escape across Europe to Finland.

    The title of the book that my grandad gave it is 23 days.
    Its a reference to the 23 days he spent on death row in a Russian prison.

    I can provide more info if anyone wants it to help with the design of a cover.

    So would anyone be willing to take on a project like this?
    Posted 27th Oct 2013
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    I would love to help out, however my graphic design skills are lacking.
    If somebody can take a scribble and spruce it up on Photoshop then I'd be happy to do that. :)
    Posted 27th Oct 2013
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    ^ I can do some Photoshop stuff if you'll do a scribble of some sorts Georgia? :)
    Posted 28th Oct 2013

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