Your favourite Europa Park hotel restaurants?

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Hi guys. From what I gather, many of you on here are very partial to Europa Park’s hotel restaurants, and consider them a big part of the Europa Park experience. And having been for the first time in April, I have to say they were very nice; I ate in 3 different hotel restaurants during my stay, and they were all brilliant! With that in mind, I’d be keen to know; which are some of your favourites?

As I’ve only done 3, I’ll do a little ranking list:
  1. Pizzeria de Romantica (Hotel Colosseo) - This was lovely! I may be slightly biased, as I love Italian food, but this was really nice both days we ate here! I had Margherita pizza on one day, and lasagne on another, and both were absolutely lovely; I couldn’t complain at all!
  2. Antica Roma (Hotel Colosseo) - The food on offer here was very similar to Pizzeria de Romantica, but I did try some slightly different things here (I can’t remember exactly what they were, but they were definitely different to what I ate in Romantica), and they were lovely! The range was really wide, as well! The only reason this sits below Romantica is because perhaps controversially, the buffet style isn’t a personal favourite of mine compared to a regular sit down restaurant.
  3. Restaurant Castillo (Hotel Castillo Alcazar) - We dined here twice as well, and while I can’t remember exactly what I ate, the food was generally really nice! The only reasons it sits lowest are because the food on offer doesn’t personally appeal to me as much as the Italian cuisine did at the other two, and because I remember the range here being slightly smaller than it was at Antica Roma.
In all honesty, though, I’m probably not the best person to ask about restaurants, as I’m not really much of a foodie myself.

But what are some of your favourite hotel restaurants at Europa Park?


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The best buffet for me is Harbourside. The others all have their good points, but Harbourside has the widest selection of food which I enjoy.

Ammolite is extraordinary, although they appear to have done away with the a la carte option which I’m not a fan of.

Special mention to the interior of Bodega and also being able to sit effectively inside the park for dinner, even if the tapas are mediocre.

And finally, for value, Silver Lake takes some beating.


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We only ate an evening meal at two restaurants, with breakfast at a third.
1. Silver Lake Saloon
2. Spirit of St Louis.
3. Restaurant Calistillo.

Can we rank the bars instead, that would generate some debate.


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Of those I've eaten in:

  1. Captain's Finest - while pricey, the food quality has always been top-notch and the service I can never fault. The minimalistic design of the dining rooms I really like and the atmosphere when the string quartet is playing is wonderful. It's a treat to pay CF a visit, and one we have often experienced as a last-night-of-the-holiday "nice" meal.
  2. Spirit of St Louis - excellent bar food. The club sandwich I can thoroughly recommend, as well as the burger which I tried for the first time last year. It's nice to come here for a more relaxed dining experience, whilst taking advantage of the full SoSL drinks menu. 😍
  3. Don Quichotte - I've only been here once, and while the main menu is somewhat limited, we really enjoyed our Tortillas earlier on in the year. We weren't entirely sure what we were actually ordering, but we were pleasantly surprised!
  4. Restaurant Castillo - MEAT. Been here twice, once when they would carve the meat directly onto your plate, and once more recently when it's been fully self-service. After getting over the novelty of the meat carving, I preferred the self-service version as you could get what you want when you want, rather than waiting for any particular cut of meat to complete the rounds back to your table. The food here really is nice though, and I only rate it lower than the others due to the fact that I'm not a huge fan of buffets. I find it becomes a much less sociable experience when everyone's constantly up and down getting more food.
  5. Silver Lake Saloon - Excellent if you are there when there's entertainment on, but otherwise it can be a bit of a non-event, unless of course certain staff members are on. (NEWWWWWcastle. LIVERPOOOOL. Gabor, anyone?) The food is more basic than other establishments but the Ranger's Best is a EuropaStreet staple. Of course, if you are a die-hard beer drinker, this restaurant is more likely to appeal.
  6. Pizzeria La Romantica - I've been here 3 or 4 times over the years, but found that the pizzas were a bit overdone for my liking, and the service wasn't particularly great when we visited in April. It's not bad by any means though, and handy for when you want the flexibility to just rock up as you cannot make a reservation for it.
  7. Bubba Sven's - I wasn't particularly blown away when I first visited in August 2019, but the infamous session we had in there during the New Years trip (2019-2020) was enough to put me off for a long time.
But the thing is, none of the restaurants on resort are poor, and bad experiences can be written off as one-offs, as truly they are few and far between. The great thing is that there is something to satisfy all palates!


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Only been once and went to the following, in ranked order:

Spirit of St. Louis: Sat out in the outside area for several hours after one day in the parks, drinking and watching the fountain show. The drinks were great and the €22 burger, which I initially balked at due to the price, was out of this world, and is now number one on my list for my return visit.

Pizzeria La Romantica: Thought this was actually pretty good. Not the best pizza I've had, but good for the price, and sitting and eating in the piazza was very nice. A decent and quick meal.

Captain's Finest: the food was indeed very good but also very pricey. The atmosphere out by the lighthouse and fountain area was also very nice. I probably wouldn't go back here because on a personal level after 8+ hours in the park, the longer and more formal dinner here was a bit too much for me. I'd rather scarf down a pizza or burger and go to bed 😴 On my next trip I'll probably eat at the pizzeria or the Spirit of St. Louis rather than any of the a la carte restaurants, not having to make reservations and getting something cheaper and less fancy is a bit more my style

And we have breakfast at the Colosseo buffet which was pretty good, and I do not normally like buffets. This was during the covid restrictions so I believe the set up was different than usual.


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Interesting that Captain’s Finest is mentioned quite highly. Whilst we’ve always had excellent service there and the food has been good quality, I find it quite overpriced for what it is. I’m also not a fan of the dining room being surrounded by the Harbourside buffet and the walkway to that restaurant - it feels like for a high-end establishment, there should be a proper separation between the two rather than being able to see people trudge back and forwards to that buffet.

On the Castillo point about skewers, the self-service was implemented due to covid, but the skewers at your table has now returned.


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Captain's Finest. I definitely don't mind paying the premium to dine here as you generally get what you pay for, particularly if it's a once a year treat. It's classy and perhaps the only theme park restaurant I've ever felt the need to make an effort for that I've been to.

Also partial to Silver Lake, purely for the Bittburger towers and a good old singalong to Country Roads where applicable.

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Finally visiting Ammolite next week! Very excited. Might even iron a shirt... Looking to try out Castillo's skewer spectacular for the first time, too.

Haven't done Captain's Finest, but Harbourside is decent. I also always thought it odd that Captain's Finest is essentially parallel to Harbourside, not an aesthetic choice I'm fond of. Don Quixote is alright, and Pizzeria La Romantica is very solid and undoubtedly the best value option, although I feel all the food at the EP resort is significantly overpriced.

Bubba Sven's is like eating in a huge, wacky school dining hall and very much not my sort of thing.


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Captains finest number 1 for me. Yes it is expensive, but I find the steaks really good. Going there tonight in fact #smugface

Harbourside is always good too. Always a good variety of meats which I love. The ribs are a bit if a let down but can generally get steaks.

I generally have La Romantica at lunch, always good to share a pizza and they’re reasonable quality.

Silverlake saloon is good on a budget. Are there a few nights ago and the food was decent for the price. There’s also something fun about getting the monorail back after park close.


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Tre Krønen is excellent.

The exchange rates being what they are these days certainly doesn't aid value. I first visited EP at €1.45 to the pound...

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Bubba Sven's is like eating in a huge, wacky school dining hall and very much not my sort of thing.

You do wonder what they were thinking with Bubba Svens design choices. Whilst most EP restaurants are divided into smaller rooms (and even those in Bell Rock have some theming to break up a larger room), Bubba Svens really is just a big soulless warehouse.

Don’t get me wrong, as far as big warehouses go, they’ve not done too bad a job, but the basic idea of one large hall really feels a lot less cosy and intimate than pretty much any other EP venue.

Kronasar in general struck me as lacking that sort of environment. If you’re lucky enough to be outside, it’s rather pleasant, but the interior spaces in Tre Kronen can be a little cold, Bar Erikson is too small, all whilst Sven’s canteen continues the aesthetic.

When we first stayed, my impression was that they were missing the diversity of venue offered by the grouping of the other hotels. Whilst that’s an inevitable consequence of having to locate the hotel in its position, I’d say that even judged on their own, the Kronasar venues are IMO the weakest amongst the EP resorts. I think the addition of Sven’s Sports Bar is recognition of this - more of this please.

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