Space Adventures

Calling ground control from Adventure Land, get ready for a crazy adventure that's out of this world...

Space Adventures play area
Space Adventures allowed younger visitors to the park to still get a piece of the action. With it's wacky, modern climbing frames and futuristic looks little explorers can be having the time of their lives while the more grown up guests can be whizzing around on Sonic Spinball!

Attraction History

Space Adventures first arrived at Alton Towers in 2002 as part of New Adventure Land, a development that saw the remainder of the old 1980s Kiddie Kingdom play equipment removed and replaced by modern counterparts.

Originally the futuristic climbing frame was one of three distincts areas aimed at different age groups but Space Adevntures was the only area of New Adventure Land to survive the arrival of Spinball Whizzer in 2004, leaving the play area sandwiched between the new coaster and the Beastie.

Space Adventures had remarkable staying power and went on to survive all of its neighbouring attractions, with Spinball Noodles and The Beastie closing in subsequent years and even Spinball Whizzer having a makeover in its lifetime. The end finally came for the climbing frame in 2014 when it was removed to make way for the Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure, though by this point various bits of the complex climbing frame had already been removed as it came to the end of its working life.

Attraction Stats

23rd March 2002
9th November 2014
First Season
2002. 16th March
Last Season
2014, 9th November
Minimum Height
Maximum Height