The Haunting of Molly Crowe

The strange case of Molly Crowe has gone down in legend, but what really happened that fateful night? Don't be left in the dark, for tonight you are invited to an exorcism…

The Story of Molly Crowe

This one-time appearance maze landed for Scarefest 2015 and took residence inside part of the Ruins. Billed as a multi-sensory scare maze, the story took you to the home of a young girl, Molly Crowe. One chilling night in late October, she was found in the cellar engulfed in flames, the air filled with the screeching sounds of inhuman origin. Her house now lies empty, but she is yet departed… Be prepared for the unexpected!

Attraction History

The Haunting of Molly Crowe promised to be a very different experience to any of the scare mazes Alton Towers had offered before. Guests were given black hoods to place over their heads for the duration of the experience, ensuring they could not depend on their sense of sight until the finale of the maze.

Guided by a rope, guests were led through a number of scenes with audio, physical and scent stimulation. Upon reaching the finale, the curse of Molly Crowe came to life and guests bore witness to the truth about this young girl...

The entrance to Molly Crowe's Manor House could be found down a long forgotten tunnel on the path to X Sector. Molly Crowe's home was transformed into Altonville Mine Tours in 2016.

Attraction Stats

17th October 2015
1st November 2015
Single Ticket
Combi Ticket
TS Scare Rating
Opened at
1pm (Sat-Sun) 3pm (Mon-Fri)
Closed at