2013 Prices

This page is an archive of the Fastrack prices for the 2013 season. For the current price of Fastrack, please see our main Fastrack prices page.


Fastrack Prices: 2013

In the table below we have included the current Fastrack ticket prices for 2013.

Ticket Type Price
Fastrack Young Explorer £6.00
Fastrack Adventurer £12.00
Fastrack Scream £12.00
Fastrack Adrenaline £12.00
Fastrack Silver £21.00
Fastrack Gold £50.00
Fastrack Platinum £90.00


Please be aware that Alton Towers may change prices and offerings at any time. The latest prices and information should be referenced on the official Alton Towers site.

Fastrack Ticket Types

There are a few different types of Fastrack ticket which all grant access to different rides and attractions:

Fastrack Young Explorer

Fastrack Young Explorer includes 3 family favourites suitable for guests over 0.9m in height. The rides are Congo River Rapids, The Runaway Mine Train and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

Fastrack Adventurer

Fastrack Adventurer allows you priority access to Sonic Spinball (chosen time slot required), The Flume, Runaway Mine Train and Th13teen.

Fastrack Scream

Fastrack Scream lets you reduce your wait on the three biggest rides in Forbidden Valley: Nemesis, Air and Nemesis: Sub-Terra.

Fastrack Adrenaline

Fastrack Adrenaline allows you priority access to three of the biggest rides in Dark Forest and X-Sector: Rita, Th13teen and Oblivion.

Fastrack Silver

Fastrack Silver allows thrill-seekers priority access to the park’s famous five rollercoasters: Nemesis, Air, Th13teen, Rita and Oblivion.

Fastrack Gold

Fastrack Gold allows one entry to some of the park’s greatest and most famous attractions. The attractions included are The Smiler, Air, Nemesis, Nemesis Sub-Terra, TH13TEEN, Rita, Ripsaw, Duel, Congo River Rapids, Hex, Sonic Spinball, Runaway Mine Train, Oblivion, The Flume, Charlie, Battle Galleons, Heave Ho & Marauders Mayhem.

Fastrack Platinum

The Fastrack Platinum allows you to cut the queues on all the following attractions as many times as you like throughout your visit. These attractions are The Smiler, Air, Nemesis, TH13TEEN, Rita, Ripsaw, Duel, Congo River Rapids, Nemesis Sub-Terra, Hex, Sonic Spinball, Runaway Mine Train, Oblivion,  The Flume, Charlie, Battle Galleons, Heave Ho & Marauders Mayhem.

How does Fastrack work?

Tickets are available both online at AltonTowers.com and in the park at the Box Office on Towers Street or the Sales and Information points which are located in Mutiny Bay, Forbidden Valley, the Dark Forest and just outside X-Sector. Please note allocations are limited. Select Fastrack tickets also come free with certain hotel bookings, so ask at the hotel reception to see if you can claim these tickets during you visit. Sometimes Alton Towers may issue timed Fastrack tickets to guests. This means that when you purchase your ticket you will be asked to select a timeslot in which to use the ticket. The ticket will then have a start and end time printed on it. To use the ticket simply go to the ride your Fastrack is for and make your way to the Fastrack entrance, or if the ride doesn’t have a fastrack entrance use the rides exit, between the two times. A host will then check your ticket is valid at the moment before allowing you to enter the ride. Alternatively, the park staff may issue you an offline ticket. These tickets are valid at any time of the day unless otherwise stated.

Top Tip! Alton Towers is not always as busy as you may think it is going to be. Don’t go straight to the box office to buy your Fastrack, instead take a look at the queue time boards at the end of Towers Street. Fastrack only reduces your wait by 75% so if the queues are less than 30min you might want to save your money to spend on other parts of the resort. Also unlike many UK parks most queues at Alton Towers are themed so a short queue adds to the ride experience. Do however be aware that Fastrack is limited so don’t delay your decision on purchasing too long.

Don’t forget to check out our information on Early Ride Time to help make the best of your day too!