The Numtums Number-Go-Round

Climb aboard this colourful carousel and take a spin with the Numtums. Join the queue and the countdown begins for your journey on your very own Numtum Cart...

Ride Experience

The Numtums love having visitors and would be thrilled if you join them on their Number-Go-Round, which can be found alongside the pond at the heart of CBeebies Land. It's fun for all the family, as parents and Children alike can ride on this colourful carousel.
Once the automagic gate has opened, it's time for kids to climb onto the turntable and pick which Numtum Cart they want to drive. Which number will they choose? And can they spot all of the other numbers on the Carts around them? Parents aren't left out either and they can enjoy the ride from the comfort of benches, sheltered beneath the colourful barn in the middle of the ride. Once everyone is safely on board, it's time for the race to begin an soon enough the whole family will be whizzing around with their Numtum friends.

Attraction History

Originally known as Doodle Doo Derby, The Numtums Number-Go-Round opened in 1995, to coincide with the renaming of the Safeway Farm to Old MacDonald's Farmyard. Built over half of the pond in the middle of the area, the ride's barn became something of an icon within the area, with a large cockerel sat atop its thatched roof watching over the area. The ride vehicles were all themed to a range of farmyard animals including cows, chickens, sheep and ducks. Each animal was equipped with a button which would play the matching sound that creature makes, and during the ride children were encouraged to get up and move around all the different animals, so as to experience each one.

For 2014 the ride was given a retheme to fit in with the new CBeebies Land, with the old farm animals being replaced by Numtum Carts.

Attraction Stats

24th May 2014
Ride Length
2:00 (approx)


24th May 2014
Opened in CBeebies Land

Attraction Extras

No standard Fastrack available
Opens for Early Ride Time
No souvenir photo available

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Minimum Height

Unaccompanied Height

Attraction Facts

24th May 2014


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