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A "Barbara Cartland" is an area of a theme park or ride where it is unusually quiet, due to a lack of themed audio, guests or any other kind of noise. It can often be used as a criticism for parts of a park or a ride that do not have immersive audio or are a bit of a ghost town.

The phrase was coined in the Shockwave queue during Staffordshire Sandwich 2011. When entering the queue, several TTFers found there to be no guests around and no audio, and hence started making whispered library references: "Where's the returns desk?", "Got any Barbara Cartland?" ect. to mock the complete silence.


  • "Excuse me love, got any Martina Cole?"
  • "This queue is a bit Barbara Cartland"
  • "The pre-lift section could do with some audio, it's a bit Barbara Cartland"
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