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These rules are a working document that may be added to or changed at any time. Please familiarise yourself with them to avoid landing in trouble whilst enjoying the Wiki.

Content Rules of the TowersStreet Wiki

You MAY NOT edit or create articles:

  • About PEOPLE.
    This includes TowersStreet members, Alton Towers staff, or any other general person. You should also refrain from referring to an individual in any other wiki entry unless pleasant and unavoidable.
    You may however create pages about high profile/public celebrities/theme park industry figureheads, HOWEVER they must remain in good taste, and not be defamatory in any way.
    This includes other well known Alton Towers fan sites, any known groups (e.g. coaster clubs) or any other website.
    It does exclude TowersStreet website and forum itself, providing it doesn't involve people as above
  • Any DEFAMATORY, ABUSIVE, BULLYISH or RISQUE content, including images, or articles.
    Please use your common sense; if someone is likely to take offence at what you're about to write, then please avoid it.

You MAY edit or create articles:

  • About Rides, Shops, Events, Shows, Attractions, and other theme parks etc. These are kind of inanimate objects, so they're unlikely to be offended.
  • About TowersStreet site and forum matters, including TS chat and other subsections
  • About Meetup Memes or jokes providing they don't reference or single out individuals, as per the above rules.
  • Any other general subject, providing it follows the above rules, and remains somehow relevant (or funny).

May we also remind you that it is EVERYONE'S responsibility to look out for content that may break or borderline break these rules. Please edit the content out in question, and either PM a member of the team (preferably Craig) or email the content in question to team {at} for further investigation. Remember the future of the wiki depends on its success.

General Rules of the TowersStreet Wiki

  • Satire, humour and 'taking the piss'

Whilst we encourage this wiki to be a creative outlet for all to enjoy and contribute to, we may ultimately decide that some content is too risky, too satirical, or not in good taste. SysOps of the wiki reserve the right to remove any content or roll back any edits at any time without justification should they deem the content to have gone 'too far'. We want to continue to maintain a great and humorous resource, not jeopardise the future of it and TS in general, so keep it within the law (for sure!) and don't get personal with people or groups. At all. If you do so, you will find your edits removed, and your account likely to be suspended.

  • Vandalism, large edits and other n00bs

Wiki vandalism is a common problem amongst wikis, where people change content to annoy, harass, or just be mean. With the above rule still in mind we may deem that removing or defacing large swathes of content unacceptable, and roll back an edit/article to a previous state. Also, vandals and those that remove chunks of valid content for no reason, are likely to find themselves on the end of a temporary block (or ban). Repeated attempts to vandalise or edit unnecessarily will result in a permanent block, and possible action against your main TowersStreet account.

We do enforce user sign-in with your TS account to track what naughty little girls and boys (or even most helpful little boys and girls) you are. Don't forget - EVERY edit is logged against your name, so writing something nasty about someone then deleting it quickly won't hide the fact. Ever.

If you don't understand how wikis work, it might be a good idea to Google and find out. They are pretty simple things, but they can be abused quite easily also.

  • Protected Pages

Thou shall not (and can not) edit protected pages. Pages may even get protected (AKA 'Can't touch this') for a temporary period of time if a SysOp believes its beneficial to do so. Don't create similar pages to work around protected pages, as you'll just be cruising for a short sharp trip with the ban stick.

  • Uploading, images and porn

We offer a facility to upload images for you to use within wiki articles. Standard rules apply here - keep it clean, and anything bordering pornographic will be removed and the user concerned banned. We're not going to define pornographic, but if it involves genitals or ladies upper regions (aka bewbs), it's safe to say its not acceptable.

  • Spam and uncool content

Please don't use the wiki to link to external websites, post about your latest and greatest freewebs Alton Towers forum, your pet cats daily musings, or what your mum did with me and my mates last night. It's not cool, and it's not what the wiki is here for. And don't forget the rules above, otherwise the ban stick will be coming your way again.

  • We can see you

As we just mentioned, everything you do is logged. And yes, we do review the history/edit logs of the wiki, quite a lot in fact. And if you notice any blatant abuse, spamming or other general rule breaking, please report it to the team by emailing team {at} Kthx.