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Lightwater Valley is believed by many theme park enthusiasts to be Yorkshire's best theme park, and is very much the Barack Obama to Flamigoland's John McCain. The park is well known for containing some of the country's most dangerous rides, such as The Ultimate and Raptor Attack. Many of these rides are excellent, though unfortunately the limited number of them means that even with (sometimes numerous) rerides, the park will struggle to keep a group of enthusiasts entertained for an entire day. The marketing department have been keen to emphasise the lack of free parking at the theme park.

One of the most infuriating things about Lightwater Valley for Grammar Nazis is its occasionally poor grammar. Apostrophes are missing from several ride names; these have been inserted instead into parts of the newspaper report queue theming for Raptor Attack where no apostrophes are needed.


Rides & Attractions

Roller Coasters

Thrill Rides

  • Black Widow's Web
  • Eagle's Claw (incorrectly written as Eagles Claw by the park)
  • Trauma Tower

Water Rides

  • Falls Of Terror
  • Wild River Rapids

Family Rides

  • Dodgems
  • Spinning Teacups
  • Vintage Cars

Kids' Rides

  • Buffalo Express
  • Carousel
  • Dragon Boats
  • Flying Camels
  • Gator Park
  • Magic Wheel
  • Mini Ferris Wheel
  • Noah's Ark (incorrectly written as Noahs Ark by the park)

Transport Rides

  • Lightwater Express


  • Amazing Maze
  • Lightwater Wheel
  • Magic Marc's Terrific Magic Show
  • Skate Karts
  • Swan Lake Pedal Boats

Past Rides

  • Grand Prix Go Karts (Removed end of 2010 season)
  • The Wave (Due to leave before start of 2011 season)
  • Whirlwind (Top Buzz 2 - now travelling again)

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