Our Promise to you

As a new community, we want to set ourselves apart from the rest, and not just ask our members to follow a set of guidelines. We want to commit ourselves as a team to following the below promises to ensure we become not just the best Alton Towers fansite, but one which is envied by the enthusiast community as a whole.

So as a team here’s what we promise to do:

To be accessible

First and foremost, we don’t aim to be a closed community of team members. We will respond to all feedback, no matter how small and encourage anyone to get in touch with any suggestions about the site, forum or anything else connected to TowersStreet. 

Consulting on changes

Although some decisions inevitably have to be made by the team themselves, we will always aim to involve the community as much as possible when it comes to deciding major changes to TowersStreet. For example, this may include application processes for team positions, to a vote for or against a major change.

To be fair and reasonable

Any decisions we make will be fully explained, with no preferential treatment and everyone being treated with respect. If you feel on any occasion this isn’t the case, we’d welcome you to let us know by messaging a team member.

Our meet ups & gatherings

We will never charge for our regular meet ups. Although a few perks on occasion are great, we set ourselves apart from other sites by firmly believing meet ups are for the social aspect of getting to know the people we chat to online. There may be rare occasions where special events deem it necessary for us to charge a fee to cover costs, such as for hiring a venue etc. If this is the case, we will never profit from such an event and only charge to cover the cost price.