Behind the Scenes



Assume the position and prepare to go behind the scenes of Air, Alton Tower’s B&M flying coaster.
As well as seeing the dual loading stations, lift hill and break run from unusual, expect spectacular views across Forbidden Valley from the top of the ride.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

There’s much more to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory than meets the eye, and a trip behind the scenes soon reveals secrets from the ride’s past, which spans back to 1981.
Take a trip down memory lane, with aspects of Toyland Tours & Doom & Sons still in place behind the factory walls.



Explore the skeletons in the Haunted House’s closet, as we take a look behind the spooks and into the mechanical mysteries beyond.

Duel has arguably the most elements of any ride on park, so a trip behind the scenes has a new surprise round every corner.



Take a trip to the other side and discover what lies beyond a vault sealed for two centuries.
Once you’ve enjoyed a walk through the queue line and pre-shows with the lights on, you can expect a trip through and beneath the vault to discover how the ride works.



Launching people at high speeds requires a hefty amount of mechanics even today, so think of the job they had back in prehistoric times.
Let’s return to Ug Land, as we take a look at the parts of Rita the public seldom see.