The Park of the Past

With over 40 years as an amusement park and a further hundred years open to the public it is no wonder Alton Towers has a rich history of attractions that for one reason or another no longer reside in the park.

Here we take a glimpse at the park of the past, from much-missed favourites right through to obscure and forgotten attractions. Whether it's an in depth look into a single attraction or a timeline of a whole park area, our aim is to bring you a detailed look into the park's history.

There is still plenty of content to add, so check back regularly for added attractions as we unveil the full story of everyone's favourite theme park. In the meantime, for a look at the development of the park over the past 40 years, don't forget to also check out our Ride Register.

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If we refer to “SBNO”, it means Standing But Not Operating, which means the structure is still at Alton Towers, but the attraction no longer operates. The attraction may be due to reopen in the future or it may be awaiting replacement.

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