Tickets & Entry

Please note Prices within this guide were correct at time of writing and may be subject to change throughout the season


Theme parks can be very costly to visit if you don’t shop around. Here at TowersStreet we give you a run-down on tickets and entry options available…

Standard Ticket Prices

Standard ticket prices at Alton Towers are the ‘on the gate price’, which you’d pay if you arrived without pre-booking or without discount vouchers. There are several different ticket types, including:

  • Disabled guests with carers
  • Family tickets

Online Ticket Prices

Alton Towers offer an online booking service which offers discounts from the standard ticket price (usually 20%, though offers run with reductions of up to 40%) when booking in advance. Online ticket purchases also give you Early Ride Time, granting you access to the theme park and selected rides an hour before other guests.

Vouchers, coupons and discounts

The most common offers available are for ‘2 for 1’ deals, also known as buy one get one free (BOGOF), and similar ‘3 for 2’ offers. These can make a serious saving on your visit, and are often one of the cheapest ways to visit the park.

One important thing to remember is that such offers only apply to the standard on the day price. Any other discounts are excluded, and online prices are not applicable.

We regularly update a dedicated topic on our forum with the newest offers and discounts, make sure to check it out!

Top Tip! If you work for a large corporate company (NHS, BT, Tesco, Sainsbury’s to name but a few), then your employer may be able to get ‘corporate’ discount tickets from as little as £28 for an adult!

Towers2 Tickets

Towers2 Tickets (formerly known as Bouncebacks) allowed guests to purchase either a next day or a future day’s admission at a reduced price. These tickets have now been removed from sale as of June 2018.

Standard Season Pass

The Alton Towers Season Pass was launched in 2018 and allows unlimited access to the park on the majority of normal operating days. There are some exclusion days on the pass which are:

  • No visits on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in August
  • Days when Scarefest operates are excluded
  • Fireworks days are also excluded.

On the plus side, you can pay an additional charge to visit on these days, which is £10 per day. The pass costs £58, so even if you’re visiting for Scarefest and Fireworks it may still be worth buying the pass and paying for the extra days you’ll visit.

Premium Season Pass

If you travel to the park by car regularly, or if you’re visiting during Scarefest or August weekends more than once then a Premium Season Pass is worth looking into. The 2020 cost is £75  and includes car parking, with the only exclusion dates being Fireworks dates. As with the standard pass, a £10 ticket can be purchased for each of the fireworks exclusion dates.

These passes replace the Alton Towers Annual Pass – and remember this pass is only valid for the season not for a year from purchase. Unlike the Merlin Annual Pass, the season pass purely allows entrance to the park, there’s no perks such as Early Ride Time or food and shopping discounts. Visit the Alton Towers website to purchase and for further information.

Buying tickets from online auctions or touts

Stop! Nobody likes a fake! Our best advice is to never buy tickets from touts or from an online auction – you may find yourself turned away at the gates and face an even pricier ticket! Equally, if you plan on selling fakes, you might know Alton Towers takes this very seriously and you won’t be spared their wrath.

Free entry and other promotions

Occasionally Alton Towers may offer free entry if you meet certain criteria, for example if you bring a gnome or come dressed as a pirate as they have done in the past! Keep an eye on the Alton Towers Facebook page or TowersStreet News for details of these promotions, as they can be a great way to visit the park at little or no expense.

Annual Passes

If you are planning on visiting Alton Towers and other Merlin parks a few times in the year then you may wish to consider a Merlin Annual Pass. Annual Pass benefits include:

  • Early Ride Time when visiting the park
  • 20% discount off all non franchised food, drink, and souvenirs
  • Discounted stays at Resort accommodation
  • Free parking (premium pass only)

A full list of all perks is available on the Alton Towers website.

Annual Passes can be purchased both online and at the park, as with normal tickets. Should you wish to purchase your pass at Alton Towers after paying for entry, this fee will be deducted from the total cost of the pass.

The Merlin Annual Pass is valid at all UK based attractions owned by Merlin Entertainments including Thorpe Park, Chessington World of Adventures, The Dungeons, SEALIFE centres, and the London Eye to name a few. For more information on the pricing and benefits structures of the passes, see the Merlin Annual Pass website. Remember to choose the location you buy your pass from carefully, because if your card is lost or stolen you will need to return to the issuing attraction for a replacement (so pick one close to home!).

Top Tip! Merlin Annual Pass Sales are usually run around January and during the summer, which can mean a significant saving in the cost of a pass – keep your eyes peeled!

Merlin Pass Monthly Membership

If you’re not a fan of the large upfront cost of a Merlin Annual Pass, you can now pay monthly and still get the same benefits as annual passholders. There’s a small upfront joining fee, and after that a monthly payment for a minimum period of 12 months. Current prices are:

  • Standard Membership – £29.99 joining fee, £8.99 per month
  • Premium Membership – £34.99 joining fee, £11.99 per month 

For more information on Merlin Annual Passes or Monthly Membership, including a full list of attractions, benefits, and prices, visit either the Merlin Annual Pass website or Facebook page.