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You know how it is, right? You go and set up a new website all by yourself, and thousands of people flock to it and its an instant popular hit? No! These things take time and effort, and most of all support from others – and we’d love to thank these people specifically for helping us along our journey to be the premier guide to Alton Towers!

With personal thanks to…

A number of our members have helped extensively with TowersStreet, and we’d like to thank them personally for their massive efforts. A site would be pretty boring when it’s solely made of text, and five of our members have devoted much time and effort in providing us with photos across the site as a whole and for our construction updates:

  • Dan Bayliss
  • Russell Kilby
  • Dave Whitehurst
  • Rob Lowe
  • Wayne Walker

A site is nothing without a logo, so thanks has to go to Adam Whittaker, who won our logo competition. His original design forms the basis of the logo you see today on the site.

A special thanks to Jordan Hatch who supported with code behind the scenes to help manage all of these pretty things that come to you on your computer screen.

Retired Team Members…

We can’t forget our former team members who’ve all helped to make TowersStreet what it is today.

  • JamesB was with us when we first started the community back in June 2012. He worked hard on both the site and forum but decided to leave in December 2012 due to the dreaded RealLife commitments creeping in.
  • Kaycee was another old face who was there right from the start! She came with us to TowersStreet as one of our original administrators, with several years past experience behind her.
  • JamesG again was there that faithful night when TowersStreet all began, and worked with us to produce some of our main content and early news features. Like Other James and Kaycee before him, he decided to step back in order to focus on RealLife commitments.
  • Chris was another of our original team members, and worked hard over the years on many of our features such as the minisite for The Smiler. Chris left the team to focus on work commitments, and we wish him all the best.
  • Lottie was one of our original YourStreet authors, and later wrote for our news section and the website as a whole.
  • Andrew was also one of our YourStreet authors, and one of our forum team members. He also dabbled in editing articles for our website too.
  • Dave, over the years, has made countless edits, and new pages on our website along with plenty of work on the forum. He left the team in order to take a step back in to RealLife™.
  • Ben was our TowersStreet Tavern Landlord, and his work in real life means that he can’t dedicate as much time the Tavern as he would like. His defecation to the site has been second to none, and we wish him all the best!
  • Scott was one of our Forum Team members. You might manage to see him around on meets every 5 years or so 😉

Thank you guys! It wouldn’t have been the same without you.

And also thanks to following sites and communities…


If you’d like to support TowersStreet we’d love to hear from you – a simple link or quoting one of our news articles or website features are all welcome. Please contact the team via our contact page and we’ll be happy to help you and thank you here too.