The Team


So who are the lovely people who volunteer to bring you all this wonderful stuff on TowersStreet? You can meet them all right here, click on the tabs to explore the whole team!

If you want to contact any of us, you can use the contact page to email us all, or simply use our [email protected] in your favourite email client.

And so, we bring you the team…



Craig Forum username: Craig
Craig’s first visit to the park was back in 2005 the year Rita had opened and when the Black Hole closed (he missed out on riding it – boo!). A mini meet in 2006 kicked off his involvement in community meetups, and since then his bank account has never stopped crying! Craig is one of the two administrators on the site.


Sarah Forum username: Sazzle
Sarah, better known as Saz or Sazzle, has been a huge theme park fan since she was a nipper and was often found at her local park, American Adventure (RIP). After a memorable visit to Alton Towers in 1999 with family, the magic had firmly taken hold. Becoming a member of the enthusiast community in 2001 through Rideas meant discovering new parks around the world, making lots of new friends along the way! Sazzle is an administrator overseeing the site with Craig, and likes to ensure we keep our content as up to date as possible.

Site Team


Ian Forum username: Ian
Ian generally works on making our site and its content fabulous, whilst also mincing around at the same time to various theme park songs. Arriving at Alton Towers for the first time towards the end of 2008 he just missed out on a chance to ride The Corkscrew, but that didn’t stop the rest of the park taking a hold! When not at work you’ll usually find Ian in Germany at his favourite park, Phantasialand. He’s also won ‘Hottest Male Member’ for three years on the run now (Photo proof available by request). Wooooooo!


Michael Forum username: djtruefitt
Michael is our very own social media champion, which basically means it’s his job to spend all of his time on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! He is the guy that fills your timeline with various photos and news from Alton Towers! When he isn’t working for TowersStreet he can be found working in an upmarket supermarket, hanging around the Alton Towers Resort (getting all the latest gossip!) or just getting drunk in a bar somewhere with his friends!


Phil Forum username: Squiggles
Phil is a little shy right now, and hasn’t given us anything nice to say about him to the masses. Awww! We’ll coerce him into saying something nice about himself very soon! Oh… and he likes the history stuff! Archives rule!


Russell Forum username: Russell
Russell first visited Alton Towers at the young age of four when his favourite ride was the Vintage Cars! It wasn’t until 2008 that the theme park bug set in and he started researching other parks and found the online communities, then he was hooked! Since then he has visited many parks across the globe and has a special place in his heart reserved for anything Disney! When not at a theme park, Russell enjoys photography, video editing, video gaming and spending time with his beloved cat, Fairy. Russell is our resident “multimedia coordinator”, meaning that he fills our galleries and social media with pretty pictures and videos of Alton Towers.


Sam Forum username: Sir Queer Llama
Sam has been an avid theme park fan from an early age, visiting the likes of Gulliver’s and American Adventure back in the late 90’s. As per usual, he was rather late to the Alton Towers scene, as he first visited in 2006, but was hooked from then on, and attended his first meet back in 2009! When not found at a theme park, he can usually be found busying himself with his other passions in life, which include the design of landscapes and spaces, walking in the countryside, visiting galleries or attending various concerts… Or maybe he’ll just be in a bar, pint in hand, dancing to Eurovision songs!


Tom Forum username: Burbs
Tom has been a theme park enthusiast since he was a nipper, and is lucky enough to have Alton Towers as his local theme park. When he’s not attending TS meets, strolling through the Gardens or exploring the Towers ruins, he enjoys working as a technician in a number of regional theatres. He has been a member of the TS forum since 2013 and his main role on the team is to update site content, as well as creating some of the lovely site graphics!

Forum Team


Alastair Forum username: Alastair
Alastair is a relative newbie to the Alton Towers online community (in comparison to some others!) having only joined back in 2010, however he’s since caught the theme park bug and is now a regular poster to the forum. He’s an avid runner, composer, part time sports photographer, pyro (firework) enthusiast and pianist…all that alongside theme parks! He’s also transcribed a lot of Alton Towers music for piano – check it out in the Sheet Music Thread in Box Office!


Dan Forum username: AstroDan
Dan has been visiting Alton Towers since the age of 6, back in 1990 and has experience of working at Alton Towers during 2007. He has also been a member of several Alton Towers communities, going back to 2005, and the launch of Rita- Queen of Speed. A keen fan of theme parks across the water in Europe, Dan also spent a year living in Strasbourg, France – close to another of his favourite parks, Europa-Park, in Rust, Germany. His role on TST involves occasional site updates, including some news, and the clean running of the forums and social events.


Rob Forum username: Rob
Rob first visited Alton Towers in 2004 but always used to enjoy annual trips to smaller parks as a child. He became a part of the online community in 2007 and attended his first meet on Corkscrew’s last ever day of operation back in 2008! It’s been non-stop from there, making lots of new friends and visiting theme parks in the UK, Europe and USA (his favourite is Europa-Park!). If Rob isn’t at a theme park he can be found following his beloved Leicester City up and down the country. His main role on TowersStreet is to help keep the forum running smoothly and assist with news updates.

EuropaStreet Team


Pierre Forum username: Pedro
Pierre has been part of the Alton Towers community since 2007, but had to wait until 2010 for his first visit. He is lucky enough to have Europa-Park as his home park – so close that he can’t even remember his first visit there as a nipper, when the park was not world famous and the best ride was Eurosat. When not in his favourite park, or any other, he is mostly to be found in some pub or restaurant in his beloved city of Strasbourg, enjoying local wine, beers and tartes flambées. His role on EuropaStreet is to bring news and photos of Europa-Park to the EuropaStreet social media channels.

And let’s not forget those who’re gone, but not forgotten…

Times change, and familiar faces come and go, so we’d just like to say a great big thank you to all our past team members who’ve helped in some form to make TowersStreet what it is today!

Team Vacancies

We know there are a lot of people who would love to join Team TowersStreet, but unfortunately we don’t have any vacancies right now. Sorry!