Alton Towers Hotel

Alton Towers Hotel Fountain

The Alton Towers Hotel is the home of Sir Algenon Altonand his wacky inventions, with his five-storey time machine parked right in the middle of the foyer! Throughout the Hotel are relics from his travels around the globe, and even the reception desk is made of lost luggage.

Guests will find magical touches scattered throughout the hotel for them to discover, from a pair of uniqely magical lifts to a larger than life photo opportunity and Sir Algenon’s doorbell (which should always be rung before entering the hotel). The style and décor is generally more traditional than it’s next door neighbour hotel.


Standard Rooms

Attraction Themed Rooms

Other Themed Rooms

Food, Drink & Nightlife

Food & Drink

For those who enjoy a slightly classier dining experience, the Alton Towers Hotel offers the Secret Garden Restaurant:

Secret Garden Restaurant

The Secret Garden offers delicious freshly-prepared meals in a relaxed, tranquil setting and is located off the main atrium on the ground floor. The restaurant’s menu changes seasonally and on occasion may include less than conventional hotel delicacies such as crocodile steaks.

Secret Garden RestaurantAlthough the individual meals are not cheap, if you are not a big eater you may find this restaurant more to your taste and easier on the wallet than the all-you-can eat option at Splash Landings Hotel. The Restaurant can get very busy and demand is often high so we highly recommend pre-booking your table to avoid disappointment.

Dragon Bar

Located on the ground floor, with tables spilling up around the atrium, the Dragon Bar is perfect for those who want
to relax over a drink in the evening, or to sit while their children enjoy the antics of the magic show, Darwin the Dodo, or the music of the ships singers.

This drinks on offer vary from both pump and bottled beers and ciders; to wine, spirits and cocktails. There is also an alcohol free children’s cocktail menu available so young-ones can enjoy a refreshing drink with their parents.

Captain’s Bar

When the Dragon Bar is a little busy, as if by magic a wall in the atrium moves aside and another bar magically appears. This bar Was refurbished for the 2020 season and offers a similar selection of products as the Dragon Bar But also has a wide variety of gins available and uses the seating provided in the Atrium.

Expedition Espresso Stop

Expedition Espresso Stop - new in 2024Put some pep in your step before you head out into the park for the day at Expedition Espresso Stop. From fancy coffees to your morning cuppa, Expedition Espresso Stop is conveniently located opposite the reception of the Alton Tower Hotel.

Expedition Espresso Stop opened in 2016, replacing the Coffee Portal and taking over the space formerly used by Time For Tea.


The Atrium

The atrium is the centre-piece of the Alton Towers Hotel and is also the place to grab light mid-day snacks. The lunch menu is generally a specialist sandwich fayre.

The atrium is also linked to the two bars at the hotel and is the perfect place to take your drinks to watch the evening entertainment.


Hotel History

In March 1996 Alton Towers opened their first themed hotel to the public, marking the start of Alton Towers’ transformation from day-out into a short break destination. The hotel was not the first attempt the park had made at encouraging guests to stay over, with the 1970s having seen the current car park’s used for a caravan and camping site, which had been scrapped after a disastrous storm stuck the site.

The Alton Towers Hotel was set to follow the lead from some international parks, who had already successfully turned themselves into full resorts by encouraging guests to return to their parks for a second day of adventure by offering accommodation. Many year’s of planning went into the hotel, during which time other accommodation alternatives were considered, such as a village of self contained villas on the site, though eventually the park decided on the fully themed hotel idea, the first of its kind in the UK.

Several of the hotel’s opening features closed within the early years of the hotel, as the park discovered what worked and what didn’t, but it was not until Splash Landings opened in 2003 that large scale renovations began to take place within the Hotel and within the first few years of the new hotel opening, the Pirate’s Lagoon swimming pool had been replaced by the Spa and almost all of the rooms in the hotel had been renovated, with the standard rooms all becoming Discovery Rooms, and several of the themed suites being replaced.

Equally the new Conference Centre freed up the original hotel’s conference suite for more varied uses, from being used for Room 13, one of the resort’s earlier Halloween Scare Mazes, through to its current use as a restaurant during the peak times of the year.

For more information about the past rooms and facilities of the Alton Towers Hotel, take a visit to the Resort of the Past.


For pricing and packages, please visit the official Alton Towers website