Extraordinary Golf

Extraordinary Golf is a golf course like no other, here you can play your way around 9 or 18 holes, all themed around rides and attractions both past and present in the theme park. The course takes you through crazy obstacles, over streams of water and under tunnels to get to your goal under-par.

Extraordinary GolfExtraordinary Golf is split into 2 halves so if you think a whole 18 holes will be too much you can keep to just one course, though if you have the time we fully recommend having a go at both courses. You can find Extraordinary Golf next to Splash Landings Hotel behind the Monorail station.

The golf is also often open after the theme park has closed for the day, so you can enjoy a round on the way home and avoiding the traffic that builds up in the surrounding area when the theme park closes.

The Course

The Course

Extraordinary golf is located next to Splash Landings Hotel behind the car park Monorail station. The course is split into two separate areas; the East course, and the West course, each with a range of different holes to play, all themed around various Alton Towers attractions.

Each course consists of 9 holes, themed as follows:

West Course

  • Katanga Canyon (Par 2)Extraordinary Golf - Rita
  • River Rapids (Par 3)
  • X Sector (Par 3)
  • Oblivion (Par 3)
  • Old MacDonald’s Chicken Run (Par 3)
  • Old MacDonald’s Windmill (Par 4)
  • Rita (Par 3)
  • Ug Land (Par 2)
  • Duel (Par 4)

East Course

  • Nemesis (Par 3)Extraordinary Golf - Nemesis Hole
  • The Nemesis Monster (Par 3)
  • Ripsaw (Par 3)
  • Galactica (Par 3)
  • Hex (Par 3)
  • Treetop Quest (Par 4)
  • The Flume (Par 4)
  • Tea Cups (Par 3)
  • Driving School (Par 4)



Extraordinary Golf arrived at the Alton Towers Resort in 2007, with the aim of offering more variety to guests staying over at the hotels, as well as a diversion for guests on their way way home at the end of their day at the park. The arrival of the golf course, saw some unexpected changes to the car park’s monorail station, with the original path between the car park and the station sealed up with the path passing the Extraordinary Golf becoming the only access to the Monorail, in an attempt to raise the profile of the new course.

Extraordinary Golf - Ug LandSince it was introduced, not much has changed within the course itself (with the notable change of Air becoming the Galactica hole), however developments elsewhere have had an interesting impact on Extraordinary Golf. The course is now the only place in the resort, where guests can still enjoy the classic Tea Cups or make their way through Ug Land, with the course retaining the themed holes, long after the attractions themselves have been rethemed.