TowersStreet Chat

We’ve moved to Discord!

Discord allows voice chat as well as traditional text chat, and the ability for everyone to easily drop in and out of the conversation.

To join, just click the button below. You might find it helpful to grab the Discord app for your phone or PC/Mac too, rather than use the web client.

A few rules…

Participation in TowersStreet Chat is subject to our usual Member Expectations. The team are not always online, so chat is only recommended for members 18 or over due to potential inappropriate content.

We’d also like members to abide by the following:

  • Please don’t delete messages in Discord. You may edit for spelling, but deletion stops the flow of the conversation and can make things difficult to understand for people catching up. The only exception to this if you’re using the text chat to link to something being discussed in voice chat, or if you’re deleting something straight after you’ve posted in error.
  • We have three permanent text channels within Discord:
    • #chat – This is for general chat with members.
    • #tavern  – Like the forum on TowersStreet Talk, this is our anything goes channel, within reason! Tavern rules apply here, so definitely 18+ only. 
    • #gaming – The place to chat about games in general, or to share pictures from your theme park simulators such as Planet Coaster or No Limits.
  • We also have individual channels for our upcoming meets. Please use them if you have any questions about attending the meet, use them on the day to communicate with individual groups, or to share your photos and memories of the day

The TowersStreet team reserve the right to limit posting privileges or remove the right to participate entirely to those who choose not to follow these rules.