Fireworks Meet 2015

We say goodbye to the 2015 season….

We see the 2015 season out with a bang (pun absolutely intended), it’s time for our annual Fireworks meet!

When and where?Talk Topic

Although this is technically a one day meet on Sunday 8th November, a number of members traditionally stay on resort on the Sunday evening, and everyone is more than welcome to join us if you wish to as well. There’ll also be plenty of us around on the Friday evening and all day on Saturday too.

Sunday’s meetup point will be 10am at The Box Office on Towers Street

For Friday and Saturday, please check out our mini meet page for further information.


Although officially this is a one day meet, many members will be staying over on Sunday evening to see the season out with a drink (or ten). If you wish to stay over, you can book a room over on the Alton Towers Website. If you’re looking for space, we’d suggest you drop a post in our forum topic.



Group photo

The location for our group photo will be announced on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and is expected to take place around 2pm.

Sunday 8th November: Time and location to be confirmed on the day.