Meet-up Guide

Welcome to the TowersStreet meet-up guide, here you can find out exactly what happens on our theme park meets. Included here is a general overview of what a meet-up is and an FAQ to answer the most common questions. If you want to know more we strongly recommend visiting our meets forum on TowersStreet talk, where you can ask our members their experience of the meet-up.

What is a Meet

What is a Meet?

Essentially a meet is an informal pre-planned meeting of TowersStreet members at either Alton Towers or another theme park or location around the UK (and sometimes Europe). Our own brand of meets come in three very distinct flavours, these are:

  • Main meets
  • Mini meets
  • International meets (at parks abroad)

What happens on a Meet?

Theme park opening 2013 Saturday (1)So you have decided to join us on a meet – fantastic! Now if you are joining us for a single day check out the meet details page and discussion in the relevant topic over on the Talk forums. At the start of the topic will be some information on when and where we will be meeting at the park. Note this carefully, especially on mini-meets, and check for any last minute alterations as they can happen sometimes (and no one wants to be stood around waiting for people on their own for half a day!).

If you don’t think you will be able to join us for the pre-arranged meeting time don’t worry! You’ll almost always be able to find a member willing to let you have their phone number, or just drop them a message via Facebook or Twitter. That way, when you’re ready to join us you can simply give them a call and find out where we are. Understandably, some people may be wary of giving out their numbers to people on the Internet, but if you are really stuck for help contact a team member through PM for more help.

Meets can be very big (Sometimes 40 people or more) so it can seem a little intimidating at first but everyone is really friendly – just remember to say hi to people and introduce yourself!

Top Meet Tip! Main meets can be quite big, so if your a little shy why not try a mini meet first. That way you will know some people before joining the bigger meets!

When are Meets?

When are the Meets?

jem8472_sandwich2012_05Throughout the year we have a whole load of official meets, the dates and details of which can be found in our TowersStreet Meet Planner.

Mini-meets are arranged by members (feel free to organise one yourself!) on our Talk forums, they are either posted in the Your Alton Towers Trip Reports & Plans forum for Alton Towers meets, or Your Trip Reports & Plans for all other parks. Main meets discussion takes place in the TowersStreet Meets area of Talk.

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Well of course, no self-respecting guide to anything forgets a good questions and answer section to inform and bore delight the reader! So ladies and gentlemen here we present the TowersStreet’s meet Q&A:

Q – Are your meets extremely organised, regimented and timetabled?

A – No! This is where we’re quite different to many other communities for meets – we usually will aim to meet at a time in the morning, stick together around the park doing various rides, split for lunch and then rejoin after until ride close.

We don’t usually plan any rides or times other than that (unless there is a special event we are visiting), and the choice of rides is very much at the will and free flow of the group. If of course you want to split off and do your own thing for a bit you’re always welcome to do so and arrange to catch up with the group later on.

Q – Do you do every ride at the park? What if I can’t/don’t want to do one ride?

A – We’ll always aim to get on every ride at the park, and usually work our way around the park in some logical fashion (and hey, your feet hurt enough after walking around Alton Towers for 8 hours, so we try and move around in some kind of logical order!) to get most rides done depending how busy the park is. You can also suggest a ride you want to do at the meet if you wish – just shout out where you want to go!

Of course if every ride isn’t for you (we know lots of people love the likes of Oblivion…!) then fear not – being such a large group that we are it is inevitable that there is someone else who doesn’t want to ride too, so you can relax with them or pop on another ride if you wish whilst waiting for the group. It’s always best to let someone know you’re not riding and that you’ll be meeting them at the ride exit instead so they know to wait for you where possible.

Q – Is there an age restriction to coming on a meet?

A – Not really no, though we would certainly not recommend meets as a place for children. If you are under 16 and wish to come please make sure you have your parent’s permission. If you’re a parent and your teenage son or daughter wants to come on a meet please note we are not an official organisation. We are a friendly bunch but we take no responsibility for anyone on a meet, regardless of their age! We don’t ask for any formal documents or permission slips etc. – just your understanding and consent for the person to join in. Feel free to contact a team member if you have any concerns or queries.

If you’re lucky enough to be well on the journey from adolescence to senility – bypassing maturity – then you will be glad to know we have no upper age limit either!

Q – Do you charge for meets?

A – No, our meets are free and we do not charge. There may be a very rare occasion when we might arrange a special event or exclusive treat that might require a charge but that will be indicated up-front in the meet information and we would never make a profit from any such event.

Q – Do Alton Towers offer lots of freebies for you guys?

A – We are not officially associated with Alton Towers or Merlin Entertainments, and all members have to pay to enter the park (unless you have an Annual Pass of course!). We do however, aim to maintain a friendly relationship with the park and have at times been offered some exclusive little treats such as an extreme run-through a scare-maze during Scarefest or the odd Behind the Scenes tour. Please don’t come on meets expecting this though as they are in no way guaranteed and should be seen as a rare surprise rather than the norm.

Q – I’m scared I wont get on with anyone, will I be ignored?

A – Here at TowersStreet we pride ourselves on having a friendly, welcoming, and open community. We can’t tell you for fact you will get on with everybody. As humans (yes, there are people behind those profiles, would you believe it!) we just naturally don’t always agree. However, we always make an effort to ensure everyone, both new and old, will feel welcome. Hopefully, you’ll begin to make some new friends, and quickly become part of the fixtures and fittings, as with our long-standing attendees. The meets can be very nerve racking to begin with, but try and introduce yourself to as many people as possible too and catch some forum usernames of people you’ve already seen on the forums!

Q – Are there any rules or regulation regarding meets?

A – We really aren’t big on rules; we like to keep things simple! However, when on a meet, no matter where or when it may be, we would like to remind you that you are usually on park/private property. Many parks have their own rules and regulations regarding guest behaviour, and all we ask is that you adhere to these. If you are found in breach of any park regulations (Trespassing, unacceptable behaviour, etc.) the park in question may take a serious stance on the matter, which can ultimatly lead to ejection from the park (And in some very serious cases, even suspension of future entry).

As a site we will always strive to maintain a healthy reputation with any attraction we visit, and if we believe your behaviour could tarnish this we may, regretably, have to take action such as asking you to leave the group. But, we hope never to have to do this, so enough with the doom and gloom!

Q – Do you have to attend the whole meet?

A – No not really, if its a one day meet you can join for a few hours or a weekend meet you can come for one day. Be aware on weekend meets, especially on the second day many members tend to go to the parks later in the day as they are usually nursing a hangover!

Q – What is “faff” and does it feature on meets.

A – Ahh faff, good old faff! Essentially faff is a well documented phenomenon at large meets of all types and essentially involves a less than efficient movement around the park, usually waiting for someone to lead the group away or awaiting stragglers from rides. TS meets also suffer this terrible affliction though many members do their best to counteract it. So yes, we do have some faff but we also have lots of great fun too!

Q – Do you book and arrange accommodation for meets?

A – No, although if it is a multi-day meet we usually give an accommodation “recommendation” to try and keep as many people together for the evening social, but it is ultimately up to yourself where you wish to book. Plus we also like to keep Travelodge in business by utilising a mix of cheap and cheerful and more stylish accommodation across the meets calendar.

You will need to book and pay for your room yourself, and you can often find people to split and share a room with on the Talk Forums in the meet topic. You’ll often find 2 or 3 TS members cosied up in a room together to keep things nice and cheap!

Of course if you’re a fussy sleeper or perhaps of a younger age and feel like you’d want your own space you’re always welcome to book a room for yourself too.

Q – Do you do other activities in the evening? And is there much drinking involved?

A – Most of the evenings on multi-day meets are usually “chilling” at the hotel or a nearby location after a hard day at the theme park. We usually meet together for dinner and then spend the evening relaxing and talking, so these are great opportunities to get to know people on the meets too!

Whilst some (obviously of legal age!) people will enjoy drinks and alcohol, there are plenty of people that don’t (or can’t of course!) drink, and there is never any peer pressure to drink either. How you wish to enjoy your evening is very much up to you, but please bear in mind the meets expectations and rules when it comes to drinking!

Of course, should you ever find you have an issue before, during or after a meet then please, please speak to a member of the team about your concern and issue and we’ll do our best to resolve it for you. And naturally if you have any other questions about meets, feel free to contact a member of the team also!