Scarefest Meet 2015


Dark rides and scares await….

As the end of the season creeps closer, we head to Alton Towers for one of our most popular meets. Scarefest brings late opening and plenty of time to enjoy dark rides on the park’s coasters. Of course, it wouldn’t be Scarefest without dressing up, and you can be sure there’ll be plenty of members doing just that!

When and where?

Talk TopicThis is a two day meet on Saturday 17th October & Sunday 18th October. We’ll be at Alton Towers for both days of the meet.

Saturday’s meetup point will be 10am by the hearse at the bottom of Towers Street
Sunday’s meetup point will be 11am by the hearse at the bottom of Towers Street


We will be taking on all 3 of this year’s scare mazes during the 15:00-15:15 on the Saturday of the meet. If you wish to join us for some freaky fun, please book your maze tickets for this time (or as close to this time slot as possible). The scare zones do not carry a further charge, and will be experienced later in the day. Maze ticket prices work out at £20.00 standard or £16.00 for annual pass holders. You can book your tickets at


Suggested accommodation is at Rugeley Travelodge, around a 30-35 minute drive from Alton Towers. Book over 28 days in advance for the best rates on the Travelodge website.

Note: As Rugeley Travelodge is some way away from Alton Towers, you’ll need to either have your own car or arrange transport with other members. 


Group photo

ATR Opening Meet 2013 - Saturday (1) - 16/03/2013Following feedback, we’re now announcing our group photo locations in advance.So bring your best smiles, strike a pose, and join in with everyone for a photo at the following times across the weekend.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages too, as we’ll use them to confirm any changes to photo locations on the day.

Saturday 17th Oct: 2pm, location to be confirmed.
Sunday 18th Oct: 2pm, location to be confirmed.