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News Round Up #6 – Catering Updates, Fireworks, SW7 and Scarefest

Saturday 27 October 2012 6:09
Updated 13th July 2019

Drink Capsule updates on their way in 2013

Merlin have announced a series of changes in the pipeline for the “all you can drink” Drink Capsules they offer across their parks. Starting in January, guests can expect a new design for the popular offering, aimed to address some of the issues found with the current design, which is well known for its tendency to leak, and waste some of the contents due to the short length of the straw.

As well as an update to the design, there is also a change in the terms and conditions of the Merlin Annual Pass Drinks Capsules, which will see them no longer expire at the end of each year, but instead become valid for the life of the guests MAP, allowing capsules to transfer from one season to the next. And best of all, this is offered with no extra rise in the price, potentially giving three extra months of drinks for no extra cost.

In another interesting development Alton Towers have recently been trialling a similar scheme for hot drinks, offering a refillable hot drinks mug for £5 on selected days during Scarefest. The mugs on offer are of the popular Thermos travel-mug design and are branded with the park’s logo, making them a good value alternative to the soft drinks capsule and one which TowersStreet hopes to see introduced full time next season.

Mothballed food offering reinstated

Coffee BaaarEarlier in the season, as part of a series of cost saving measures, the park closed or reduced the hours of a number of outlets around the park. With the arrival of Scarefest TowersStreet was pleased to see the Coffee Baaarr reopen in the Farmyard, to satisfy the caffeinated needs of parents attending Franklyn’s Freaky Farm.

Elsewhere Towers Family Restaurant has returned to full day opening, offering a limited menu for hungry Scarefest punters. However with no ERT for the rest of the season, it has now stopped serving its popular breakfast options, instead focussing on its new offerings for later in the day. Unfortunately Spinball Noodle remains shuttered, and seems unlikely to open again this season.

Fireworks Prep Under-way

With the end of the season little over a week away, the preparations have now got underway for the spectacular end of season fireworks displays with new lighting appearing on Towers Street and the the front lawns ready for the event, which runs next weekend. With the extension of Scarefest until November the 1st, this now offers a very tight turn around between the two events.

As with previous years the fireworks will be let off from a rig on the front lawns of the Towers, which is where the main preparations are now taking place. As usual, certain areas of the park will close before the fireworks at 7pm and do not reopen until the areas are clear of debris from the show afterwards. Usually these areas include Dark Forest, Cloud Cuckoo Land, The Towers and The X Sector.

Nemesis Bleeds Once More

Guests who have visited the park recently may have noticed that Nemesis’ blood waterfalls have been running clear, as opposed to their traditional pinkish colour. It is believed this was due to flooding experienced within the area after adverse weather conditions in the past month or so.

When the colouring did not reappear at the start of Scarefest it was widely believe it would therefore not return for the remainder of the season. However in a unexpected and very welcome move, this week the blood waterfalls have returned to their normal colours, ready for the last two weeks of the season.

Clowns on the Run

The park have this week released an interesting new piece of publicity for this years Scarefest in the form of a video showing the clowns escaping from the Carnival of Screams:

As ever, for all the latest happening around the park this Halloween keep your eye on TowersStreet’s Scarefest pages, which have recently been updated with a veritable tent-full of new images

New Merchandise Brings a Smile to Guests’ Faces

As we’re sure you’ve noticed, news of SW7, the park’s new coaster project for 2013, has been flooding in over the past couple of weeks as the the building site starts to take shape and track has arrived on park in the past couple of days.

Elsewhere on park though, merchandise featuring the mysterious smiling face has appeared in Towers Trading. The new offerings including hoodies and T-shirts and would make the perfect gift for anyone who’s recently experienced a touch of Marmilisation in The Sanctuary. For all the lastest SW7 news and construction pictures head over to our SW7 mini-site.