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SW7 Statistics Revealed

Monday 15 October 2012 6:20
Updated 4th July 2013

An article released today in the Staffordshire publication The Sentinel – traditionally a regular source of Alton Towers news – claims to reveal the latest details about the park’s upcoming rollercoaster, SW7.

The article claims that the project will cost £18 million (for comparison, Th13teen cost £15m, and Air £12m), making it set to be the Resort’s most expensive ride venture yet, with the cost no doubt incorporating the large-scale items of theming shown on planning application documents.

Statistics quoted are:

  • Maximum Speed: 85kph (just above 50mph)
  • Highest Drop: 30m
  • Track Length: 1,170m
  • Duration: 165 secs
  • Capacity: 64 people

It is assumed that the capacity figure given relates to the combined total of people on all cars at once, as a 64-seat Eurofighter-style train would be very unusual.

Park spokespeople are reported as saying that “It has been 14 years since [their] last really iconic ride.”, and that after spending the past few years perfecting the family-thrill balance, the park are ready to produce yet another iconic thrill attraction.

Meanwhile, at the resort, construction continues to power on, with builders on site 7 days a week in order to have the ride finished in time for opening on 16th March 2013. For all the latest SW7 updates as they happen, stick with TowersStreet; follow us on Facebook and Twitter and join the speculation on our popular forums!