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Further Changes Made to 2017 Opening Hours

Thursday 9 February 2017 19:26
Updated 10th March 2017

Alton Towers have today updated their opening hours for the 2017 season, which sees a return to 10am opening. This reverses a previous decision to open the park 30 minutes later at 10:30am each day. Weekends and peak days will now have an extra 30 minutes of ride time on top of the previously announced hours.

However, off peak weekdays still only give visitors six hours of ride time as the park will now open 10am-4pm as opposed to the previously announced 10:30am-4:30pm. Early ride time will still be available on all days except Scarefest and Fireworks.

There will also be a delayed opening to Dark Forest, Cloud Cuckoo Land and Hex, which will all open at 10:30am.