Need a timeout from all the adrenalin and noise of the theme park and water park? Then a visit to the Alton Towers Spa is in order! With a wide range of treatments and facilities to offer it’s the perfect way to relax after the other attractions at the resort…



Spa Overview

Welcome to the the home of pure relaxation at the Alton Towers Resort. The Spa is attached to the Alton Towers Hotel and is dedicated to providing sheer calmness and comfort, whether you purchase a treatment of just use the facilities you are sure to come out of the Spa feeling relaxed and refreshed.

TowersStreet Guide

Alton Towers Spa - external signageThe Spa is a fantastic location to relax and unwind when staying at the resort, especially as so much of the activities available at Alton Towers are physically very demanding (anyone who has walked up the hill from Gloomy Wood to Katanga Canyon will agree). For a small fee you can make use of the pool and relaxation rooms, although the pool is not as fun or spectacular as the offerings at the water park, the Spa’s pool is much quieter and adult only so more suited for those who just want a good swim.

The Spa’s award winning treatments are relatively competitively priced compared to other Spa hotels and are generally considered to be of a high quality. The Spa overlooks the beautiful Hotel Garden and is constantly kept at a comfortable temperature so is the perfect escape if the weather outside is a little chilly.

Be aware that the Spa has a strict limit to the number of guest allowed in during the day and during peak season and winter weekends the Spa can book up quickly so we recommend booking in advance if you know you wish to try the facilities,.

Relaxation Rooms

Relaxation Rooms

Treatments can sometimes be expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what the spa has to offer! You can enjoy a tranquil 3 hour session in the spa’s relaxation rooms and pool. These are all included in the price, and you will also be provided with robes and a locker by the spa.

Roman Sauna

Unwind in the heat of the roman sauna, and if you get too hot hose yourself down with the icy water provided.

Multi-Sensory Showers

The multi-sensory showers offer four different experiences, each with its own style of sprays and temperature of water. Perfect after a visit to the sauna or crystal steam room.

The Pool

Spa Inside 3

The pool is one of the spa’s main features. Set at the heart of the centre this is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a swim, away from the mayhem and noise of the waterpark.

The Whirlpool

The whirlpool is connected to the main pool, and offers relaxing and soothing jets of water and bubbles, in a more open and cooler manner than the hot tub.

The Hot Tub

Sit back, relax, and let the bubbles do their work. The hot tub can be found next to the pool, and is a brilliant way to unwind amidst a thousand bubbles and water jets.

Crystal Steam Room

The crystal steam room consists of 8 seats, positioned around the centrepiece of the room – a quartz crystal. The crystal is believed to purify and cleanse the occupants, while an icy fountain bubbles from the centre, should you find yourself getting too hot during you time there.

Meditation Room

The meditation room is another of the spas heated rooms. Relax in complete silence, while stretching out on heated tile bench and enjoying the soothing heat.

Foot Reflexology Bath

Treat your feat to some TLC in the foot reflexology baths. These automatic baths gently massage your feet and ankles using underwater jets, while you sit back and relax.

The Conservatory

Spa Inside 1Built on the side of the pool the conservatory is a great place to go if you fancy a drink during your time at the spa, or just a break from being pampered! The conservatory offers a light tranquil atmosphere where you can take in your surroundings as well as look out over the hotel gardens and the listen to the relaxing sounds of the running water in the nearby pool.




Spa Inside 2At the spa there are a huge range of relaxing and luxurious treatments to enjoy, and be pampered with. From pedicures, manicures, massages and facials you are sure to find something to help you wind down and completely relax

 For more information on the treatments offered visit the official Alton Towers website





The Alton Towers Spa first opened in 1996 as Pirate’s Lagoon, the Alton Towers Hotel’s highly themed swimming pool. Looking out over the main pool area, was a games room, which was home to Pirate Bill’s kids club, and together they formed the lesisure spa element of the hotel’s entertainment package.

As a whole Pirate’s Lagoon was rather a small pool considering for the size of hotel, and so had a limited success in providing an alternative activity for hotel guests after they’d finished on park. Equally the hotels were lacking extra activities for adult groups staying over. The perfect opportunity to remedy this situation arose when the park decided to add a second hotel and introduce a full water-park as part of the development.

The opening of Cariba Creek (now simply known as Waterpark) therefore rendered Pirate’s Lagoon surplus to requirements and thus the pool closed its doors midway through 2003. At the same time Pirate Bill was evicted from the Games Room above and his show moved to the prime-location of the hotel’s Atrium, where he has performed ever since.

The complex reopened later the same year as the Alton Towers Spa, adding another element to the resort package. As part of the new development the pool had been refurbished and a multitude of relaxation rooms had been added on the ground floor of the Spa, whilst the upstairs game room had been divided up to provide a series of treatment rooms.