Come rain or shine, there’s plenty to enjoy at Alton Towers Resort whatever the weather!

Weather Report for Alton Towers


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Top Tips

Worried about the weather?

Even if it’s forecast to be pouring with rain, you can still enjoy most Alton Towers’ attractions whatever the weather.

There are some rides and attractions that close in particularly inclement weather. For example, the rollercoasters will close when thunder and lightning is in the vicinity for your safety. High winds may close the Skyride for safety. Also, hail, thick fog, and very heavy rain may cause some rollercoasters to close temporarily for your comfort and safety – being launched by Rita into driving rain isn’t particularly pleasant, even for most die hard rollercoaster fans!

Rest assured though that rides will only remain closed for the duration of the inclement weather, and if the weather conditions improve, the chances are that the ride will reopen too.

Of course, even in very bad weather, you can still enjoy many indoor and covered attractions. Rides and attractions like Hex: The Legend of The Towers, Duel: The Haunted House Strikes Back, and Sharkbait Reef by SeaLife as well as several attractions in CBeebies Land all offer dryness and warmth during bad weather!


Top tips for hot & sunny days

– Don’t forget to slap on your sun cream – people often think they won’t burn easily but you’ll be surprised how much sun exposure you get stood in queues and walking around, so always play it safe!

– Purchase a ‘drinks quencher’ from most retail outlets to make the most of unlimited drinks refills around the parks outlets saving a massive cost on bottled drinks!

– Get the water rides done nice and early – most water rides get very busy during the afternoon – and if you do get soaked, you’ll have all day to dry out too!

– If you need a break from the sun, check out some of the cooler and shaded attractions like Sharkbait Reef, Duel, Big Fun Showtime and Hex: The Legend of the Towers. Or how about a wander through the shaded and cool ruins!

Top tips for rainy days

– Try and pack yourself a good waterproof coat, or if not, purchase a re-usable poncho from most Alton Towers trading outlets for around £6-8. You can also pick up rain ponchos from bargain shops in your local high street from as little as £1! They will help to keep you and your clothes warm and dry for the day.

– Pack some spare clothing and trainers/shoes in your car or luggage. We can pretty much guarantee that despite your best efforts, you’re inevitably going to get wet somehow! Alton Towers does tend to have a rather large collection of puddles in the heavy rain, particularly in ride queue lines! So don’t forget your spare footwear – squelching trainers and shoes are never fun to travel home in!

– Umbrellas are cool, but don’t forget you’ll need to leave them with a non-rider or at baggage hold facilities for most rides.

– Avoid the water rides, unless you don’t mind getting even wetter! If that’s the case, then a rainy day is perfect for enjoying the water rides as it’ll likely be very quiet with everyone trying to stay dry.

– If you don’t mind braving the rain, utilise Spinball Whizzer’s single rider queue. The ride operates on three people per car during wet weather rather than the usual four. As people are more often than not in even group numbers, you’ll find you’re on the ride much quicker than if the ride was running at full capacity!