TowersStreet News

1st October 2012

Monday 1 October 2012 21:02

Today brings little by way of massive developments in construction, although digging work is still continuing and it is believed that concrete will be poured any day now in preparation for the track’s imminent arrival. However, advertising is now dominant all over the park, with the scary smile logo present on all promotional material, and therefore presumably a key part of the ride’s design, with prominent colours of black and yellow on all advertising. Senior management, including managing director Ian Crabbe, have been spotted on site taking photographs.

Also notable is what seems to be a time lapse camera rigged overlooking the coaster’s construction site, meaning hopefully videos of the coaster’s construction will be made available online in a similar manner seen in last year’s construction of Thorpe Park’s The Swarm – although given the highly secretive nature of this project it would be unsurprising if this footage was only available after the opening of the ride.