The first ever TowersStreet meet kicks off with a bang, with a three day meet at two park – Drayton Manor, and Alton Towers! It’s not to be missed…


Saturday 25th August
Sunday 26th August
Monday 27th August (Bank Holiday)Follow the event of FacebookTalk Topic

Parks and Attractions

Alton Towers Resort (Saturday & Monday)
Drayton Manor Park (Sunday)


Staffordshire Central Travelodge (Saturday & Sunday)

Trip Report

If you were planning on attending this meet sorry, but you’re a little late! That doesn’t mean you can’t get a slice of the action though! See what TowersStreet member <name> had to say about the meet, in their trip report below:

Staffordshire Sandwich Random Gallery

Staffordshire Sandwich Meet Video

Take a peek at all the fun and excitment from the event in these videos created by our lovely members. Anyone can create a video, so feel free to bring a camera along if you should ever find yourself on a meet!

Video created by TST member Rowe

Video created by TST member Jordan