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Secret Weapon 7 Vertical Construction Begins

Friday 7 December 2012 18:28
Updated 7th July 2019

TowersStreet has today received information to suggest that Alton Towers have finally begun vertical construction for the 2013 roller coaster project.

The ride, which is located in the X-Sector area of the park, has appeared to have suffered from some construction delays over the past months. The delays, partially due to recent poor weather, has led to some TowersStreet users questioning whether or not the world beating attraction will be complete in time for the March 16th opening date.

However, today it has emerged that supports are currently being erected for the ride, marking the start of vertical coaster construction. Track has been on-site for a number of months now, but it has remained in the same location away from the construction site up until recently.

Heavy rain caused the large pit which dominates much of the site to fill with water, delaying groundwork as pumps were brought in to remove the flooding. As vertical construction has now started on the site, this hopefully marks the start of more ride related construction as the March 16th opening nears ever closer.

TowersStreet will be monitoring activity from Secret Weapon 7, and bringing you all the latest news. To discuss this, and other SW7 developments take a look at our Secret Weapon 7 topic over on TowersStreet Talk.

Update: 8/12/12

Today TowersStreet managed to get some pictures of track leaving the car-parks towards the site as well as new pieces of track that has been delivered. Check out our SW7 mini-site to see them