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SW7 Opening Delayed?

Friday 4 January 2013 12:27
Updated 7th July 2019

After weeks of speculation from the enthusiast community over whether or not SW7 will open on time, it looks as though the official ‘countdown’ on the Alton Towers SW7 mini-site has been removed, and replaced with very little new content other than the construction image from the email sent out several weeks ago. Although this does not confirm a delay, it may suggest an upcoming change in expected opening date for the project, as there is no longer any reference to the 16th March in relation to the coaster.

Photos taken by TowersStreet contributors on Thursday 3rd January from the surrounding fields show that vertical construction of track has not progressed much further than when the official “It’s Coming” email was sent by Alton Towers on 20th December. Station steel is being erected, and work appears to be progressing at the top of the site closest to the entrance to X-Sector, but there is still a good deal of track remaining in the car parks awaiting transportation.

If the ride does not open as planned, it will be the first major new attraction at the Resort to open after the season has started since Rita, which opened 3 weeks into the 2005 season. What form of compensation will be offered to guests who have booked park tickets or hotel stays is currently unknown, and it remains to be seen whether the attraction will be given a new fixed opening day, or a series of ‘soft openings’.

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