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The Smiler Game Released!

Wednesday 27 February 2013 1:43
Updated 4th July 2013

Spoiler Warning: Please be aware that this article contains a number of images from the app, which may spoil the experience for you.

The Smiler Game has been released for Android and iOS and can be now downloaded through the app store or Google Play. The game, which has been teased on the Alton Towers Smiler mini-site since it launched, as well as via a video which was released last week has spawned a variety of rumours and speculation on TowersStreet Talk.

The Smiler Game has three main sections: The game, the smiler scanner and the wheel of win.


The application opens with a video followed by the above menu screen playing sinister metallic music with hints on the famous music associated with Alton Towers, In The Hall of the Mountain King. We have recorded a sample of this audio and uploaded it to YouTube.

The Wheel of Win

The wheel of win is an opportunity for users of the app to win some prizes related to the Alton Towers Resort. Every day you will get a chance to spin the wheel, and spins can be carried over so if you miss a day you won’t miss that days spin!



The prizes for the wheel of win range from theme park tickets, to hotel stays and even behind the scenes tours of the ride!

The Smiler Scanner

The Smiler Scanner is used to unlock bonuses and upgrades to other parts of the game, after scanning symbols which are likely to be found around the Alton Towers Resort.



Also, when using the Smiler Scanner on the promotional image, a 3D model of the world-first attraction is shown on the screen.


The Smiler Game

Over in the main section of The Smiler Game, you have to move the on-screen joystick to balance the ride car as it goes around corners. As each section is completed the riders will become marmalised, a term which has been used since The Sanctuary opened at Scarefest during the 2012 season.




The upgrade section of the app shows some previously unreleased information about the large themed structure at the center of the ride, The Marmaliser.


As well as being able to upgrade the track and the marmaliser, there is also an option for a top secret part of the attraction. However, this is currently locked until May, to keep the world first part of the reaction a secret.


We have many more photos of The Smiler Game in this gallery:


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