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X-Sector due for makeover and Sanctuary to return!

Friday 11 January 2013 18:17
Updated 4th July 2013

TowersStreet have been made aware that recent employee newsletters at the Alton Towers Resort have revealed extremely exciting developments set to begin very shortly in X Sector, alongside the opening of the resort’s new rollercoaster – SW7.

In the next few days, a full track repaint will begin on Oblivion, something that many members of the enthusiast community have been longing for, for a good few years; the task of painting the ride will be a 6 week job. It is believed the track will be painted the same colour as SW7, in order for both rides to complement each other, and that a higher quality paint will be used in order to give the colour more durability. In addition, other elements of the ride including the shuttles, harnesses, and buildings – all of which are in need of some attention – are thought to be getting attention over the closed season.

On top of this, it is believed that plans are in the process of being confirmed for a spruce-up of the general X Sector area, in order to make it look impressive as the home of a new attraction. The area’s dated toilet blocks, over which SW7 will pass, are thought to be marked for a revamp.

The other significant piece of news which TowersStreet are delighted to announce, is that the Resort’s popular new scare maze, The Sanctuary, will be returning for the start of the 2013 season. Believed to have a plot linked to SW7’s, the attractions should work well side-by-side, as well as the maze acting as a promotion for the ride in the event of its delayed opening. It is currently unknown for how many weeks the maze will run.

TowersStreet are extremely excited at this news, and look forward to bringing you the latest updates on our dedicated SW7 minisite. Meanwhile, discuss these developments over on our lively TowersStreet Talk forums!