When Alton Towers published plans for the (now approved) Enchanted Village lodge accommodation, they also published plans for an extension to the Alton Towers Spa. We can now confirm that these plans have been approved by the Staffordshire Moorlands Council.

The plans call for 250m² of extra Spa space, to be built to the east of the current site (see image above for a representation of how it should look) and will include a new dedicated Spa entrance area to replace the old Spa reception. A new pond and piece of ‘featured theming’ will be built along with the entrance to welcome guests to the building.

Other new facilities within the Spa will include:

  • A new outdoor hydro pool
  • An outdoor fire pit
  • A new indoor sauna
  • A sunken seating area

Along with the outdoor area, fabric canopies will be built to protect guests from the elements and a wall will be built around it for privacy. The Spa extension itself also ties in with the long-approved plans for an extension to the Alton Towers Hotel, and we wonder if the two buildings will be built at similar times.

The approval itself does not state a timeframe for building the new Spa extension, although it does state that any landscaping and planting must be done in the first closed season after construction has been completed. It is also interesting to note that there were no objections raised over this application – which is often a rarity for Towers’ projects.

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