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Dark Forest to Get Zombie Retheme (April fools)

Tuesday 1 April 2014 9:13
Updated 2nd May 2014

10152943_10202706672740665_1772402667_nEdit: Happy April Fools’ day 2014 everyone! Although many of you were excited at the prospect of redeveloping the Dark Forest area of the park, sadly on this occasion we were pulling your leg!

TowersStreet can reveal that the Dark Forest area of the theme park is to receive a brand new theme in 2015, becoming “Plants v Zombies Land”. This will be the parks 2nd IP in two years and will bring this popular PopCap game to life, in a similar style to Thorpe Park’s 2014 Angry Birds Land.

Despite Dark Forest being a relatively recent addition to the resort, it has fallen foul of fading paint, rotting theming and an outbreak of scaffolding resulting in the area desperately needing a refresh. The new area will involve extensive retheming of the area with some alterations to the theming of both Rita and Th13teen, including replacing the Th13teen Wraiths with Zombies and more cartoon like plant life.

A few attraction names have been leaked including

  • Zzzzzoombie Racer
  • Th13teen: The plants fight back!

An Alton Towers spokesman said:

“Alton Towers Resort is committed to bringing totally unique and innovative experiences to the UK and global stage. ¬†Although at this time we cannot disclose many details due to commercial sensitivity, we can confirm that 2015 will see us unveil another brand new themed area to replace the Dark Forest. We are currently working with a popular brand to bring something fantastic that guests have never seen before.”

In the same way that Scarefest maze ‘The Sanctuary’ provided a sneak peak of The Smiler’s story, its understood that the Zombies scare zone will provide a sneak preview of the new area when it becomes the “Plants v Zombies” scare and play zone during October’s Halloween event.