Over this closed season, much interest has been focussed on Alton Towers’s exciting developments in the construction of CBeebies Land, and in the ongoing maintenance work on The Smiler. However, this is no longer the only significant event in X Sector for the coming season, as TowersStreet can now reveal that Submission – a ride which has divided the opinions of enthusiast communities since opening – is being removed from the theme park for 2014.

Submission, made by Chance Rides, arrived in X Sector in 2001, replacing Energizer. In more recent years it is believed the ride has been plagued with technical issues, which may have been a factor in its closure. The ride has been unable to operate with both available arms for a number of years.

Alton Towers have stated that the closure is due to their long-term plans for the Resort, though as far as TowersStreet are aware no replacement is yet planned for its site, which will likely remain empty for the 2014 season. An unfortunate reduction in the park’s thrill flat-ride offering.

TowersStreet will bring you more news on Submission’s closure as it arrives, until then you can discuss this over on our lively Talk forums!