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2016 Ticket Prices Announced

Monday 29 February 2016 15:39
Updated 19th April 2016

Alton Towers Resort have announced ticket prices on their website for the upcoming 2016 season, and although headline on the day prices have once again risen, there has been a reduction in advanced online prices. There has also been a slight change in the pricing structure.

The cost of an adult ticket bought on the day or the day before has risen by 2.38% to £51.60; a similar rise to that of last season which was 2.44%. However adult tickets bought further in advance have reduced by 3.31% and 4.44% for those booking between 2 and 4 days in advance and over 5 days in advance respectively.

During 2015 guests were able to get a 10% discount on an adult ticket for booking between 2 and 6 days in advance, and a 25% discount on an adult ticket for booking over 7 days in advance. However in a slight change for 2016, guests booking between 2 and 4 days in advance receive a 15% discount on an adult ticket or a 30% discount if booked over 5 days in advance.

Another change to the pricing structure for the 2016 season is reagarding the free entry for under 4s. This has now been changed to under 3s meaning those aged 3 or older will now have to pay the child rate.

Following a difficult 2015 season for the theme park and the news regarding the removal of The Flume and Ripsaw, there has been a lot of speculation of what Alton Towers may do with their ticket prices. With many expecting all ticket prices to rise as is usual for many theme parks as a new season approaches, it may come as a surprise to see the reduction in advanced tickets.

The new entrance pricing at Alton Towers for 2016 is as follows:

On the day or day before

These standard prices are for guests who book on the website the day before their visit or when buying at the gate on the day. The prices are also used when calculating the price to be paid by those with promotional 2for1 vouchers.

Ticket Type2016 Price2015 PricePrice Change
Adult (12+)£51.60£50.40+2.38%
Child (Under 12)£45.60£44.40+2.70%
Family (Max 2 Adults)£43.80£43.800.00%
Senior (60+)£25.80£25.20+2.38%

2-4 Days in advance

A discount on an adult ticket of 15% is available to those who book between 2-4 days in advance.

Ticket Type2016 Price2015 PricePrice Change
Adult (12+)£43.86£45.36-3.31%
Child (Under 12)£38.76£39.96-3.00%
Family (Max 2 Adults)£37.23£39.42-5.56%
Senior (60+)£21.93£22.68-3.31%

Over 5 days in advance

Booking over 5 days in advance gives an adult ticket discount of 30%

Ticket Type2016 Price2015 PricePrice Change
Adult (12+)£36.12£37.80-4.44%
Child (Under 12)£31.92£33.30-4.14%
Family (Max 2 Adults)£30.66£32.85-6.67%
Senior (60+)£18.06£18.90-4.44%

With the re-theme of Air to Galactica and the addition of the Rollercoaster Restaurant from May, Alton Towers will hope that 2016 sees the beginning of a recovery at the theme park after the events of last year. Do you think that these 2016 prices will help them do this? You can discuss this and much more over on our Talk forums.

And with under 3 weeks to go until the start of the 2016 season, don’t forget that you can join us for our offical Alton Towers opening weekend meet up! All of the details can be found over on our opening weekend meet page.