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Closures and changes for the 2016 season

Friday 11 March 2016 17:03
Updated 19th April 2016

As we reported back in November 2015, it has today been confirmed that the following rides will be closed for the start of the 2016 season:Hex1

  • Hex
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Driving School
  • Nemesis Sub-Terra
  • Wobble World
  • The Flume (previously announced)
  • Ripsaw (previously announced)

The park confirmed the removal of The Flume and Ripsaw with a blog post on 26th February, and today’s confirmation sees a further five attractions removed from the park offering for 2016.

At present there is no information as to why the five attractions announced today have been closed, and it is uncertain as to whether any detail will be released or whether the rides will reopen part-way through the season. The official Alton Towers Resort website states on the ride pages that the rides are unavailable “while we sprinkle some Towers Loving Care across the park”.

Food Outlet Availability

As we have previously reported, the following food outlets are no longer included on the All Day Dining package T&C page, which may indicate they are closed for the 2016 season:

  • Forest Feast (Dark Forest)
  • Mexican Cantina (Mutiny Bay)
  • Ben & Jerry’s (Mutiny Bay)
  • Courtyard BBQ (Mutiny Bay)
  • Refresh@Ripsaw (Forbidden Valley)
  • WobbleWorld Cafe (Cloud Cuckoo Land)


Though Refresh@Ripsaw has departed, a new coffee shop is due to open in Forbidden Valley within the former Fish & Chips building. The new outlet will serve Starbucks branded coffee and will see a new use for the building damaged by fire in the 2015 season.

Stay with us for more news as we get it. We’ll be sharing on TowersStreet Facebook and Twitter as well as discussing over on the TowersStreet Talk forums.