Ben and Jerry's Scoop Shop

Peace, Love & Ice Cream


Ice cream's two biggest figures could be found at Alton Towers between 2010 and 2015 selling a wide range of delicious flavours. The Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop was located in Mutiny Bay between the entrance to the Flume and Mexican Cantina.

When The Flume closed in 2015, the Scoop Shop was also shuttered but was the only building on the site not to be demolished. By 2018 when Wicker Man opened, Ben & Jerry had moved out of the unit to be replaced by a Costa Coffee Kiosk.

The Coffee Kiosk did not last long however and the unit was demolished at the end of 2018 to be replaced by the new Wicker Man -Coffee and Ice Cream that opened in the neighbouring Rites of Passage building.

Attraction Stats

20th March 2010
3rd November 2019