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The park is currently closed, and will re-open at 10am today.

Halloween is upon us and this year Alton Towers is taking Scarefest to whole new levels.

Venture into The Attic, where the Governess awaits in the next chapter of Terror of the Towers. Or dive to the Darkest Depths, in the park's new family maze.

Merlin recommends £4.8bn buyout from consortium

Merlin has recommended that an offer to purchase the company by a consortium of investors be accepted

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Scarefest 2019 News

It may be June, but the weather is making it feel like October. So what better time for some news on this year’s Scarefest lineup!

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A Preview of 2019’s New Additions

We take a look at this season’s new additions to Alton Towers – Stargazing Pods and the Alton Towers Dungeons

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Resort Info

The park is currently closed, and will re-open at 10am today.

Today - Fri 18th Oct
Open:  10:00
Close:  21:00
Tomorrow - Sat 19th Oct
Open:  10:00
Close:  21:00

The 2019 season ends on Sunday 10th November in about 23 days time

Please note that opening times on TowersStreet should be used as a guide and are subject to change by the resort.

We recommend double checking the latest information on the Alton Towers official website prior to your trip.

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Resort Status

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  • amber Theme Park»
    The theme park is closed on select days during October, check the Alton Towers website for details.

    Last Updated @ 14th Oct 2019
  • green Alton Towers Waterpark»
    Why not take a splash on a totally tropical waterpark esacpe.

    Last Updated @ 19th Jun 2019
  • green Alton Towers Hotel»
    Sir Alegnon welcomes explorers, young and old, who want to experience the coasting rollers of Alton Towers.

    Last Updated @ 19th Jun 2019
  • green Splash Landings Hotel»
    Ma Garitta and her crew are welcoming guests throughout the summer/

    Last Updated @ 19th Jun 2019
  • green Cbeebies Land Hotel»
    Fun and fantasy await the youngest members of the family in the CBeebies Land Hotel.

    Last Updated @ 22nd Mar 2019
  • green Enchanted Village»
    The Fabled Folk are awaiting guests for a magical break in the woodland retreat.

    Last Updated @ 22nd Mar 2019
  • green Extraordinary Golf»
    Tee off at the Extraordinary Golf to putt your way around some of thepark's most famous attractions.

    Last Updated @ 22nd Mar 2019
  • red Tree Top Quest»
    Tree Top Quest has now closed for the winter season.

    Last Updated @ 2nd Sep 2019
  • green Alton Towers Spa»
    What better way to follow a day on park then with a pampering session at the Spa?

    Last Updated @ 22nd Mar 2019