Coffee Baaarr

Old MacDonald had a Baaarr, ee-aye-ee-aye-oh, and on that Baaarr he had a latte, ee-aye-ee-aye-oh...

Located between  the ferrets and Tractor Ride, this kiosk was ideal for grabbing a hot drink while younger visitors enjoy the wonders of Old MacDonald's Farmyard.

Ever since the original Farm Tea Room closed in the late 90s, the Farmyard had lacked a permanent place to get hot drinks. However, all this changed for the 2011 season when The Coffee Baaarr opened at one end of the disused Farm-A-Rama building.

The kiosk's life in the park was short-lived however, as the Coffee Baaarr was closed for much of the 2012 season due to budget cuts that saw several catering outlets either close or cut their opening hours. The Baaarr had a surprise re-opening for the resort's Scarefest event in 2012, serving Franklyn's Freaky Farm, but this was to be the last time the unit operated, closing permanently at the end of 2012.

For those who find themselves a little parched in this corner of the park however, fear not! With the development of CBeebies Land the Coffee Baaarr unit was absorbed into the much larger Little Explorer's Lunchbox restaurant, so once again this area now has catering facilities available.

Attraction Stats

Under £3
All Day Dining