Darkest Depths

The Mutiny has docked in Dark Forest. Dare you board the ghost ship for a voyage beneath the waves to discover legendary creatures of the deep?

Darkest Depths

Darkest Depths Marketing

The park's resident ghost ship docks in Dark Forest this Scarefest preparing for a voyage to the Darkest Depths. Climb aboard The Mutiny and set sail for adventures on the high sea.

But do not expect the journey to be easy, the ship with crewed by a dastardly band of ghost pirates, who would surely like to give you a tour of Davey Jones' Locker. And if life aboard was not dangerous enough, watch out for the tempting song of the Sirens. There's even tall tales the legendary Kraken has been seen offshore in recent days!

Attraction History

Darkest Depths was the park's new family maze for 2019, replacing The House of Monsters. For its first season it took over the spot previously occupied by The Welcoming in the Mutiny Bay Courtyard before moving to Dark Forest in 2020, taking over the former site of Zombies Scare Zone.

Attraction Stats

5th October 2019
Opens at
Closes at