Fin's Pirate Academy

Hit the high seas with Fin the Shark, as he reveals the swashbuckling secrets of becoming a pirate...

Attraction Experience

Have you ever thought you or your children might be cut out for the pirate lifestyle? Well Fin's Pirate Academy was just the place to put your swashbuckling skills to the test.

Pull up a bench as Fin the Shark teaches landlubbers all of the most gruesome secrets of some of the world's most infamous pirates... Some more fearsome than Sharktooth Jack himself! As well as sharing his tales of pirate lore, from life at sea right through to their terrible punishments, Fin will even offer up the more practical skills of how to win in a sword fight. At the end of this 15 minute show, you'll be sure to have all the skills you need to tackle the seven seas aboard the Battle Galleons.

Showtimes could be found by Fin's wagon outside Sharkbait Reef, but Fin only offered up his lessons at weekends or during the school holidays!

Attraction History

In 2011 Sharktooth Jack came ashore in Mutiny Bay with his very own interactive street show, Sharktooth Jack's Pirate Training Camp. Throughout the day the captain of the Fat Pig could be found prowling the street's of Mutiny Bay with his trusty recruitment wagon searching for new pirate recruits.

For 2012 Fin the Shark took over tutoring responsibilities, re-branding the school as Fin's Pirate Academy. Not a fan of the roving lifestyle, Fin also weighed anchor alongside Sharkbait Reef as a new permanent location for his Pirate Academy. Fin operated his Pirate Academy for two seasons before shutting up shop at the end of 2013.

2014 saw Fin promoted to the big time as he got a primetime slot on the main stage in the Courtyard Tavern. The new season saw the mascot appearing in his own show, Captain Fin and the Mystery of the Lost Treasure, which alternated with the regular Pirates of Mutiny Bay show at the Courtyard Theatre. The show lasted until partway through 2015 before being closed down as one of the attractions to be closed in the wake of The Smiler Incident.

But the story didn't end there... and whilst Fin the Shark has not been seen since, there is always the chance that one day the popular mascot might return to his home in Mutiny Bay.

Attraction Stats

26th March 2011
12th October 2015
Show Times
Weekends and school holidays at 10:30am and 11:30am
15 Minutes
Outside Sharkbait Reef