Franklyn's Freaky Farm

Franklyn and his friends have come to trick and treat guests as they join them in their Freaky Farm

Franklyn's Freaky Farm

Franklyn's Freaky Farm

The Scarefest gang first took over Old MacDonald's Farmyard in 2011, as the park sought to further expand the family offering by introducing Franklyn's Freaky Farm. Since the return of the park's Halloween events in 2007, Scarefest had always traditionally been focussed around the scare mazes but this often meant that the park's few family based attractions were somewhat sidelined and scattered around the resort. However with the introduction of the Freaky Farm the park's family offering at Scarefest gained a new focus at the front of the park.

In 2009, the introduction of an army of friendly scarecrows meant Old MacDonald's Farm became one of the main focuses of the park's decorative efforts for Scarefest, however the area had never yet boasted any specific Scarefest attractions. In 2011 therefore the park decided to combine the potential of the area with the somewhat underused Scarefest characters to produce a much needed refresh for the events family offerings.One of the shows to originate in the Freaky Farm was Skelvin's Spooky Storytime, which went on to become one of the primary family attractions for Scarefest.

After only two years, 2012 would be the final year for the Freaky Farm due to construction for CBeebies land having already started by Scarefest 2013. 

Farmyards can be filled with all manner of creatures. In these Freaky Farm Talks, Patch introduced guests to some of the more weird and wonderful animals you might find.

Located in the Education Centre, this attraction gave guests the chance to brush up on their pottery painting skills to find out who could decorate the spookiest pot.

Feathered Friends was a late addition into the line up, replacing a proposed treasure hunt around the farm. When not performing, the birds could be found resting by the Furry Friend's barn.

Located in the farm's Education Centre, Freaky Friends allowed you to get up close a personal with a whole host of creepy crawlies. Not one for the squeamish.

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15th October 2011
31st October 2012
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